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  1. I have been catching bits and pieces of games this year when I can (I get most of my information on this forum)--it appears that Healy is not getting the same minutes. Is he injured? I thought I saw him playing yesterday against UNH; what is going on?
  2. Likely 7-9 finish in the league, and 3 more games until we look to next season ... .
  3. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the replay of this game through the ESPN app? All of the other on-demand games from today work fine except for the UAlbany football game--so frustrating!
  4. Notwithstanding the opponents CCSU played, an 11-1 record tells me that they pulled out wins on days when they were off, when the weather was bad, and when injuries or other misfortune arose. They will be a tough out and obviously don't take plays (or games) off. Just my $.02
  5. UVM packs the arena/gym that they have. I have said it for years on here: UVM gets 3 star recruits far more than we do. They recruit better. And then this (lights out America East): https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/sports/college/vermont/2019/05/18/uvm-ready-break-ground-95-million-multi-purpose-sports-arena/3721384002/
  6. Announcer just complimented our conference and noted other teams possibly ahead of us: UVM, SB, and UMBC. It should be noted that two of those schools have new arenas (SB and UMBC) and UVM has one beautiful facility in the works. Upgrading our facilities including our fitness center(s) for students and athletes has to be part of the calculus here ... .
  7. Trey is great, has an upperclassmen swagger and confidence. More please! Great move to basket by Hank, there we go! I know we are down 7 points, but we are so much better than this team IMHO.
  8. I've never heard/seen him before in this role but maybe I missed some games last year. Wild!
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