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UAlbany Blog Ads

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On the UAlbany blog, there are ads that are relevant in some way to the University of Albany, UAlbany Athletics, the NCAA, the NEC, or the America East conference.


These ads are placed on the upper righthand corner of the blog. Each time anyone clicks on the ad, it will generate money. Each click generates a very small amount of money, a penny at best.


All money that is generated through the UAlbany blog will be donated to the University of Albany athletic department.


I ask all of you who visit the UAlbany blog to click on the ads as many times as possible when you are visiting the blog. Clicking on the ads does not commit you to anything. You are only visiting a webpage. You can hit the back button to get back to the blog in a second.


Anyone that has not visited the UAlbany blog, you can do so here: http://uofalbany.blogspot.com/


Again, every time you click on the ad, it will generate money, which will be donated to the University of Albany athletic department. The amount of money generated by one click is very minimal, therefore, please click on the ads multiple times when you visit the blog.


Trying to do my part,



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It could make a significant impact over time.


Every dollar donated to the University athletic department is a valuable one, in my opinion.


Unfortunately, as author, I agreed I would personally not click on the advertisements, therefore, I need to rely on fellow Great Dane brothers and sisters.

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Thanks ladies and gentlemen, there has been a noticable increase in traffic clicking on the Ads. Keep it coming. Make it a daily habit for years to come.


I hope every time a Great Dane fan visits the site, they click on the ads a dozen or two times.


At some point, the blog will make its first donation to the athletic department, and will post this information in some unobtrusive and subtle way. Maybe it will pay for a few seats in the new stadium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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