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Who'll start next year


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PG - Jamar Wilson

SG - Lucious Jordan

SF - Levi Levine

PF - Joe Dyson

C - K. Zoellner


Key Reserves


B. Wilson

B. Lillis

A. St. Hilliare


If Dyson is a legitimate 6'9" with good post play, I think that that will allow Brown to make some other moves potentially.


1. Levi struggles, I think Lillis can become a starter.

2. Zoellner struggles, Dyson can start at the 5 and move B. Wilson, or St. Hillaire to the 4.

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I believe for the first game or so the starting lineup will be......








From what I've heard Brown would rather not have Jamar at the PG. He can definately play the Point but it's easier getting the ball to him when he's off the ball and we love to get him the ball on the break in the open court where he is tremendous.


The top four guys all made an All Rookie Team their first year of DI.


That's a small line up - but a sub such as Dyson for Iati changes that drastically. Jordan is a guard who plays and rebounds like a 3.


If Dyson starts right away that a very good sign for us.


This will be the first time since Brown has been here that freshman will be eased into play and get PT based on deserving it rather than need of a body.


The following will all get time right away




B. Wilson





That means there will be 11 players in the mix and Brown would probably like to rotate 9 so there will be some dog fights next year to get minutes.


Those that won't or can't play "D" or those that don't execute properly will not play next year.


The bottom line in Hoops is that it's not who starts that counts it's who is on the court at the end that's truly important.

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PG- Iati

This kid can really play. All those bad shots this year were taken because there were no other players that could take and MAKE shots. His "O" numbers will go down, but you will see a better player; the kind of player Coach Brown imagined when he recruited him.



This kid was simply awesome when he was healthy. I would expect this to be one of the best backcourts in America East next year. He does it all: score off the dribble, shot the "J", defend and most importantly, makes others on the court better. He will make Iati a much better play next year!


SG/SF Jordan

This kid was a really good player in high school and while he was at Loyola. He is strong, plays "D", will rebound and can score in many different ways. He will also bring some much needed toughness to the team. I think that he, along with Jamir can be difference makers. I look forward to watching these three work the perimeter. They will create tons of match-up problems for other teams.



Looks to be a man among boys on the basketball court. Judging from his team and his personal numbers, he has lots of boys on his team that aren't helping him too much. Strong, athletic, and will be asked to do the litttle things. He will need to play tough interior defense, set solid screens, rebound and make lay-ups when they present themselves. He is a player that Albany has never had. People will love the way he plays!



Coach Brown did not use a scholarship to have this 7 footer sit on the bench. He will play and play a lot. I am sure that he will have his good days and there will be days that he struggles. Either way, he is big, looks like he can run a bit, and will make an outstanding inside with Dyson.



Levine- quite a few minutes at different positions. He is a good player that will finally play the role that he was brought to Albany to do.

Wilson- everything I read excites me about this kid. I think that he may end up getting lots of minutes as a freshman.

Wyatt- He is still strong and has shown improvement. He will probably be the third big man in the rotation.

"Q"- I just love the way he plays. He plays all out and seems to enjoy himself out there. He also has improved his game. Coach may be forced to find a few minutes for him.

Rest of the team- someone will emerge from the rest of the recruits/team to be that 8th and 9th man. It will be up to them. Whoever can shoot the ball, work in Coach Brown's system and play more "D" than coach Brown ever did when he was at Dowling will get a chance to show that he belongs!


NOTE: Todd Martin needs to think about transfering. Clearly, the Division ! game is too quick for him. His foot speed and general lack of basketball knowledge really hurt him. Coach Brown can not play someone who doesn't have the slightest ideas as to what the team is trying to accomplish.

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coachplayznoD, three things -

1. I don't know much about Jordan except what's been posted - it looks like he did play some 3 at Loyola. So maybe he can play the 3 here as well. Just tough to have a 6'2" kid playing the 3.

2. That said, if Zoellner and Dyson can become solid post players I think that would work. If those two don't emerge as very good players, I think the team will be to small and you will have to move someone to the bench (my guess is Iati) and start Levi.

3. JamAr will be a better player next year. Jordan will make him better - nothing like some competition. (not that he wasn't a very good player last year).

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