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UA Year In Review Annual Report


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I saw these yesterday too.


These two really peak my interest:





While growing our endowment $20 million over 20 years may sound like a lot, it really isn't great and we have A LONG WAY TO GO to catch up to the schools we want to be our peers.


Delaware has an endowment of $1.2 billion.






I wonder how this compares to other SUNY schools and other state universities in general.


I feel the University Centers are so handcuffed by being tied to state tuition raises. Here's a recent article from the TU where the SUNY Student Assembly is actually asking for a tuition increase. http://timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=729209

They just want it to be rational and why the legislature wouldn't agree to this I don't know.


A horribly troubling quote:


SUNY research centers like Albany trail peer schools when it comes to revenue per full-time student, which includes tuition and state tax support. UAlbany gets $12,010 per student, while UMass - Amherst gets $16,437 and Penn State gets $26,406. Other state schools also have much more flexibility in setting tuition.


In New York, the Legislature has guarded its authority over tuition — jealously, some say. By law, SUNY's board of trustees can set tuition. But the Legislature, which has appropriation authority, must enable it to spend that money.




A more athletically related point: Can UAlbany ask the students to increase the student activity fee to support the athletic department? Who knows if it would get approved, but a bet if the Athletic Department put together a rationale and attractive PR campaign on campus that a lot of the non-athlete students would see the benefit that athletics could have on their college experience. Other state systems allow this, but I've never seen it done within the SUNY system.


A mere $50 increase would raise $900,000 a year. Even if it was a stretch, don't you think its prudent to at least put it to the student body for a vote?

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