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  1. Settlement..so there was something that happened (?)... hopefully there will be transparency...even the DK supporters asked for transparency originally...we'll see if if they still ask for transparency after the settlement.
  2. You are obsessed with conspiracy theories for anyone that supported Brown it's so old. There were sources even within the team who said he did touch a player I dunno... Unless those people are lying 🤷🏻‍♀️ It's that those who may have been pro Brown had inside info on Benson for years and that's why me included didn't want to see Benson get rid of him for personal reasons which was the real case per staff who work there. Again the same posters on here still have inside info on things (those who DM me as well with their inside info..we know who we are and won't spill sources) You gotta get over this "loyalist" crap..it's UA alumns who want to see the best for the university, hear things from the inside, and know how F'ed up it is there especially Athletics. House needs to be cleaned. I don't care about DK unless those sources are true and he hit someone, but Benson is a tornado who has ruined any enjoyment of UA sports. Those inside and outside the know can tell, except Havidan and he is all that matters.
  3. what? So if its unplanned, out in the open and not meant to hurt its okay? You may think that, but the law in many places may differ. I mean I can out in the open not plan to hit someone with a car, and not mean to hurt them I'm pretty sure I'd still be liable for negligence (I'm no lawyer).
  4. Some Albany PR firms have been tweeting pro DK things today....wonder if someone hired some PR firms on behalf of DK.
  5. Benson started off at making $255k and now makes $310k. Vik started off at $95k with basically no experience and now makes $132k. Must be merit based on team wins, NCAA appearances, etc 🙄
  6. Also hearing firing of someone will be soon.
  7. Except Vic is the son of a friend of Benson so who knows.
  8. He taged the coach not the coaching staff. And DK's direct boss is Vic. There is no chance Vic was unaware...zero.
  9. If DK was supposed to be on administrative leave for allegedly assaulting a player during this time frame (3/17/22) why would his boss Vic tweet that he has the best staff in the country? How could anyone think that an internal athletic investigation would not be partial if the administrative staff were publicly stating how great their coach was after what they knew was alleged. No one says you have to tweet things. It means he went out of his way to state this publicly while he was supposedly knew his employee was on administrative leave.🤦‍♀️
  10. I have been a great look either. But it seems like something strange when on with the reporting in the timeline.
  11. A history of questionable decision making capabilities by both DK and Benson.
  12. Horton wasn't the only one who put in for a transfer. Could have been another person who also decided to leave last week
  13. Or maybe someone was told DK would resign quietly after the incident, time passed it never happened and now the student athleteis done waiting for the resignation and went up the chain. That's a random thought...no actual knowledge on that part just could be a possibility.
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