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  1. Settlement..so there was something that happened (?)... hopefully there will be transparency...even the DK supporters asked for transparency originally...we'll see if if they still ask for transparency after the settlement.
  2. You are obsessed with conspiracy theories for anyone that supported Brown it's so old. There were sources even within the team who said he did touch a player I dunno... Unless those people are lying πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It's that those who may have been pro Brown had inside info on Benson for years and that's why me included didn't want to see Benson get rid of him for personal reasons which was the real case per staff who work there. Again the same posters on here still have inside info on things (those who DM me as well with their inside info..we know who we are and won't spill sources) You gotta get over this "loyalist" crap..it's UA alumns who want to see the best for the university, hear things from the inside, and know how F'ed up it is there especially Athletics. House needs to be cleaned. I don't care about DK unless those sources are true and he hit someone, but Benson is a tornado who has ruined any enjoyment of UA sports. Those inside and outside the know can tell, except Havidan and he is all that matters.
  3. what? So if its unplanned, out in the open and not meant to hurt its okay? You may think that, but the law in many places may differ. I mean I can out in the open not plan to hit someone with a car, and not mean to hurt them I'm pretty sure I'd still be liable for negligence (I'm no lawyer).
  4. Some Albany PR firms have been tweeting pro DK things today....wonder if someone hired some PR firms on behalf of DK.
  5. Benson started off at making $255k and now makes $310k. Vik started off at $95k with basically no experience and now makes $132k. Must be merit based on team wins, NCAA appearances, etc πŸ™„
  6. Also hearing firing of someone will be soon.
  7. Except Vic is the son of a friend of Benson so who knows.
  8. He taged the coach not the coaching staff. And DK's direct boss is Vic. There is no chance Vic was unaware...zero.
  9. If DK was supposed to be on administrative leave for allegedly assaulting a player during this time frame (3/17/22) why would his boss Vic tweet that he has the best staff in the country? How could anyone think that an internal athletic investigation would not be partial if the administrative staff were publicly stating how great their coach was after what they knew was alleged. No one says you have to tweet things. It means he went out of his way to state this publicly while he was supposedly knew his employee was on administrative leave.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
  10. I have been a great look either. But it seems like something strange when on with the reporting in the timeline.
  11. A history of questionable decision making capabilities by both DK and Benson.
  12. Horton wasn't the only one who put in for a transfer. Could have been another person who also decided to leave last week
  13. Or maybe someone was told DK would resign quietly after the incident, time passed it never happened and now the student athleteis done waiting for the resignation and went up the chain. That's a random thought...no actual knowledge on that part just could be a possibility.
  14. It's true. And I know the tea and I'm trying to search on Twitter to see if anybody's going to come out say exactly what happened because I'm not posting it. But I'll post a link..
  15. Sounds like this is a going to be a disaster for the school. Great.. grass ain't always greener.
  16. The Albany Cup men's basketball rivalry between Siena and the University at Albany is back on starting next season, sources confirmed Monday. Siena and UAlbany put out a joint news release on Monday, saying simply "It's back" and there will be a press conference for a "special announcement" at noon Tuesday. It's a three-year deal with the teams playing a neutral-site game at MVP Arena next season, a UAlbany home game at SEFCU Arena in 2023 and a Siena home game at MVP Arena in 2024, according to sources. The sides are still working out the date for next season's game. The Saints and Great Danes haven't played since 2017 over a disagreement over whether to play the game at larger MVP Arena, which is Siena's homecourt, or SEFCU Arena. They've met only once at SEFCU Arena, a UAlbany victory in 2016. However, Siena athletic director John D'Argenio seemed to soften last spring on possibly including SEFCU Arena in any new contract and Saints head coach Carmen Maciariello said last June the rivalry was "looking good" to return in the 2022-23 season. MVP Arena general manager Bob Belber said he was pleased to see the return of the game, which routinely drew 8,000 fans or more into the downtown venue. "I will say we're extremely happy that the two colleges were able to work out the financial arrangements to enable the game to take to take place here," Belber said Monday. "The crowd sizes for that game were always bigger compared to just a normal home game with the fan bases that wiould get together in one location. And certainly with our building having a bigger capacity than SEFCU, the crowd size here with two collective fan bases is always going to be a lot bigger. So we're very happy to have it back and hope it'll be for many, many years to come." D'Argenio met with his counterpart, UAlbany athletic director Mark Benson, last May to discuss reviving the rivalry. "What we did pledge is we'll put everything on the table," D'Argenio said at the time. "Nothing's off the table. We'll put everything on the table and have those discussions and see if we can't get to a place that's going to benefit Siena, UAlbany and the community." Benson said in May that both sides were "open-minded" to see how the negotiations could move forward. "I think it's good for college basketball in the Capital Region," Benson said. "It's good for fans. Particularly given this year we've all been living through, anything we can do to help inject some positivity and passion and some fun would be good." Efforts on Monday to reach D'Argenio, Maciariello, Benson and first-year Great Danes head coach Dwayne Killings were unsuccessful. β€œFor this community, I think college basketball is and has to be such a big part of it," Killings said in October. "I think we have a unique opportunity here in the future to play Siena. I think that creates a really unique engaging experience here in the Capital Region to have two different sides cheering and going crazy, get bars filled, get people wearing their Albany shirts, their Siena hats, whatever it is, but you get a change to represent yourself and have bragging rights, that’s cool.” "I wanted ths game for 3 years I just don't believe it," tweeted former Siena guard Jalen Pickett, who has since transferred to Penn State, upon hearing Monday's news. Siena leads the all-time series 34-24, including a 10-7 edge since the Division I rivalry began in 2001. However, the Great Danes won six of the last eight meetings before the current hiatus. Note: Siena freshman guard Jared Billups was named Monday as Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week. He had 11 points in Sunday's 69-62 victory over Fairfield.
  17. Siena-UAlbany men's basketball rivalry to return next season https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Siena-UAlbany-men-s-basketball-rivalry-to-return-16764208.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Latest-News "@ByMichaelKelly Albany Cup men's basketball details, per source ... 2022: MVP Arena 2023: SEFCU Arena 2024: MVP Arena The game later this year will serve as a neutral-court contest between the teams." .
  18. Vik was brought in by Benson..and his dad is a prominent AD himself. 🀞 They are tight. You have to go to someone who was there pre-Benson. Much of this (people going to the foundation, going to the president, etc) was already done at high levels for Brown when people found out what Benson was doing and nothing was done, and Benson was able to fire him for personal reasons. (Ties Brown had for being there so long with life UA staffers) Benson is allowed by the President to run his own shop regardless of what other high ranking school officials try to explain is going on. So it just is what it is until the President is not happy with Benson and wants to influence that Department by his will as Pres, and no idea what it will take for that to occur.
  19. See Dane96 post... Him and I both know the same story. He just posted it lol.
  20. And this is why I was so pissed with Brown's exit. It had nothing to do with his records, coaching style etc. Benson had his handful of coaches he wanted to get rid of so he could make a name for himself as an AD. If you didn't drink with him, break some NCAA rules he added you to that list. Get rid of someone because they suck as a coach, that's fine but this personal crap to get rid of or keep a crappy coach based on being your buddy..just garbage. He just outed himself to all of those people not in the know of who he really is.. blah. Whatever, was over UA Athletics a while ago ..Benson has ruined them all.
  21. Nice that Benson gives Gattuso a break during a covid year but not other programs... If you're a drinking buddy with Benson you get what you want..as I've always said from **multiple** staff within the Athletic program have confided....if you don't play Benson's game of buddy buddy, break a few NCAA rules for sponsors...etc.. you don't get anywhere. Simple as that. Gattuso has always been a yes man to Benson... πŸ‘Ž
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