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I noticed a re-occuring comment in todays posts following the ugly loss and that is how many guys might we lose early to transferring, a problem the past couple of seasons. Guys leave for many reasons: don't like CB's coaching style, lack of playing time, play another sport (Turley), no chance to get to the Dance, etc.. Here is my opinions on the guys not graduating and who might consider leaving the program.


Giff--will be back for his senior season. a rah-rah guy who will get his degree and will help be a senior leader

Jake/Logan--can't see them leaving without suiting up for a year. these guys were very successful in HS and think they can lead UA to wins with their play. unless they want to go D2 and play right away, transferring to a D1 means another year without playing I believe unless red-shirting doesn't count


Raffa---hard to say about him. he has butt heads with CB but means again to step down a level or sit out a year. If CB convinces him he will not play out of position (not PG) , he should be back and hopefully get back his mojo


Timmy-- will be back. shows he has D1 talent and sitting out a year after having sat his 1st year would drive him crazy


Will-- back for his senior year. can't see him transferring again (and getting another waivor)


Mike Johnson---has played more than i thought due to raffas erratic play. may be the PG more next season to play Raffa off the ball. should be back


Billy--not the shooter i thought but has high basketball IQ. if he thinks Logan gets alot of PT, may not want to be back and go D2 so not to sit out


Scotty--think he is gone. has not been consistant and with the guys coming in, PT will be low


Louis---has value as a 3-point guy but has to stop shooting from 26 feet. seems like a nice kid but a long way from home and may want to play more closer to home


Just my opinion and it stinks to have to worry about it but with the recent history of the program and the way the season has gone south, this will be a hot topic come the spring and announcements are made. Lets hope CB keeps the team together and they can jell together for a solid year.

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I've long let it be known that as a fan this has been a concern of mine.....truth is all programs lose players....Siena lost three last year, Bing has lost two DURING THE SEASON....UMBC has also lost a couple while in season etc.


I'd really like for this group to stay together another year but if someone should leave we HAVE to find a true PG. Someone who makes everyone around him better, we don't need him to score but rather to take care of the ball and distribute/run the offense. Hopefully CB can keep them together, but I've heard that he is blunt with players in the end of year review and he doesn't mince words on what he thinks their role will be that way everyone knows what they can expect. Some kids don't want to sit, others are OK playing behind other players. Probably no way to tell right now but I'm most worried about Scotty and Louis, both of them are good kids and hopefully they can stick it out. Raffa needs to play off the ball as it's obvious that he is not a PG.


Will, Giff, Timmy, Jake, Logan, Mike are probably not going anywhere. Scotty, Louis, Billy.....we'll see! Probably to early to tell or really a useless conversation as we don't really know whats going on in their head. Everyone back would be awesome!

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