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Incoming Big Guys

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I've really tried to focus on this season and not get caught up in what can be next year with incoming transfers, freshman, etc. However last night my wife and I were watching the Duke-Georgia State game (yeah, I married well). She commented how GT center Luke Schenshure was really influencing what Duke was doing in the paint and getting some easy putbacks on the offensive end. I was happy to tell her Zoellner is the same size (7'1) and a little stronger looking to me than Schenshure. We also noted by way of comparision, the guy guarding Schenshure, Sheldon Williams, is about Dyson's size (6'9-240lbs). Good chance both those guys will be on the court at the same time.

I am in no way saying Dyson and Zoellner are ACC-type players. Just that it's going to be nice having some decent size inside next year. As much as I like the way Wyatt is playing I won't miss the days of playing a 6'6 center.

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Dane Pound


Everything I've heard lately is that Zoellner will be a very welcome addition and that Dyson is playing well and has a tremedous upside.


The one guy most of us may be underestimating or ignoring is Brent Wilson. I heard he had 36 points in a 4 OT play off loss. His team scored something like 68 points so thats pretty impressive. What's more impressive is that he is suppose to have a real blue collar mentality. I've always read that he was a fine outside shooter but I now hear that he is the type of kid that picks up charges and doesn't shy away from contact inside. If this is so at 6'8" he may be competing for time upfront "sooner rather than later".


Remember this is all hearsay - but like you I will feel much better with 3 guys 6'8" or bigger to man the middle rather than put a starting team out their with no one over 6'6".


Also you make a great point about Wyatt having a solid year. I, for one was very down on Wyatt but I must say he really did have a solid year and if he continues his effort of this season he will get minutes next year.

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I think Wyatt is having a very solid year. He is very physical. Have you noticed that in just about every game the other is complaining about how physical he is. He had a really good freshman year and then a tough one last year. He will be very valuable next year, when he is not playing out of position! Thank God the days of the 6'6 center are over. It should be fun next year.

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Her's a quote regarding Brent Wilson from CR Prairies 4 OT play off loss









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Iowa City


Post #464  Re: C R Prairie lost in 4 OTs Reply



I watched it, hes a great player, but just couldnt get open at the end


Posted on 3/4 11:52 PM | IP:


It's always nice to hear something positive from someone other than a UA Fan

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The only reason we haven't followed Brent Wilson is because there isn't any media coverage in his hometown. It's much easier to follow Dyson, Lillis and Bauman because their papers are online.

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Dane Pound


He sure was hard to follow and get information on!!!!


That why we have been forced to key on Lillis and Dyson


Like last nights Sanford playoff win.


"We saw they were missing some of their big guys when we got here and we were really surprised," Bains said. "I was going through a streak where I was having trouble with my shot, but I wasn't bothered by anything [Thursday]."


Ty Harper had 13 points and seven rebounds, and Joe Dyson added 11 points, 11 rebounds and six blocked shots for Sanford. - Delaware on Line


Bauman's team is hard to get info on also but they are still in the Doble AA state playoffs. I think they play Saturday.

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