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My U-Field upgrade idea


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From endzone to endzone, how many seats does this sideline have, from the looks of it?



I can tell you exactly what it holds. When it first opened, Washginton Grizzly Stadium consisted of two sideline sections like the one you have pictured above. The endzones were banked grass.


The original configuration had seating for 6250 on each side.


As it was in 1986.



BTW, the original stadium was built for $3.2 million. laugh.gif

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If we had something exactly like that, with the option of expansion down the road,

I'd be for it.


I wouldn't want to see any less on each side.

Flip the field and build 6k on one side the first year.

Build 6k on the opposite sideline the next year.

Press box, score board, manicuring, etc... the following years.


Flipping the field and 6k seats on one side only.

How much?


I think it is important to get the quality seating IN as soon as possible. It's the first priority.


Allowing fans and spectators come to a game, after a kickass tailgate, and enter the stadium, having seats with a great view from anywhere in the stands... then our attendance will INCREASE immediately.

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So I went to a high school football game this weekend in Middletown NY (Orange County) and finally got to take a picture of the stadium the built:





It seats 4,000 people and is completely decked out in nice brick and includes 4 lockerrooms underneath and coaches offices.


It has a 10-lane IAAF certified track with built-in electronic timing system that automatically dispalys times on this HD beauty:




Long story short: All built for approx. $5 million. The track and field cost $1.3 million and required significant drainage work. The track is certified to hold international events and the sound system is absolutely amazing. They have a Bose system that is built into the stadium itself and faces only the crowd. This allows them to really get the crowd going without being too loud for the field. The stadium has an amazing amplification effect on crowd noise.


Anyway, absolutely beatuiful facility and something that would be a great starting point for us that could be built onto every year.

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