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Morgan State Post Game Thoughts..

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Great atmosphere tonight with the Student turnout. Hopefully that continues throughout the year. Some young players looked good as well as other grizzled vets stepping up in an all for not effort. I think the mental lapses need to end and hopefully the Great Danes can right the ship. Monday night vs American is a must win.

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There is no such thing as a "Must win" in non conference play. It would certainly be nice to get a W, and I think the team needs it for their psyche, but it's definitely not a "Must win"



Agreed. Maybe the verbage is wrong, but I also think UA definately needs a win for the team and it's fans. A blow out to Cuse and a tough loss at home probably isn't going to sit well with CB nor the players. The Great Danes played well tonight but I think their best basketball lies ahead of them and they need to start eliminating errors and mental lapses. Johnson should be able to cut out the turnovers from the PG postion, but only time will tell.

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You were railing how the coach can't coach offense...today they put up 65 point....any comment?


65 and 43, that averages around...54 a game. Still not good, UA limits their offensive opportunites with TO's. I think (and you have said) a more fast paced run and gun style would create easier looks at the basket creating more points. Even if they turn it over they can equal that out with layups and easy looks. CB needs to stop slowing the tempo and start to pick it up. I really think that would benefit the Great Danes in the long run. As a former Beaury disciple I don't know how CB differs so much in philosophy. (run and gun, 3 point shooters, 1-2-1-1 press creating massive amounts of turnovers and throwing the opposition off all game)



Geared more toward your original question boysi... 65 points isn't going to hack it. 70+ a game is what UA needs, IMHO.

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