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03-04 Captains

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DOWNTOWN - as much as I respect Dane Pound for his conservative approach and the balance he brings to this board. I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!!


Dane Pound - think of the last 2 seasons. Wyatt was unable to play or limited by injury or illness more than he was healthy. I've heard he rarely ever gets through an entire practice.


Make him a CAPTAIN ??????


In fact I've seen him ride a stationary bike more than I've seen him play basketball.


The tough part about Wyatt is he looks like a stud and when he's healthy he even plays like a stud so we label him as having great potential. Let's see him practice and play everyday before we annoint him as a "LEADER"!

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There are those around the program that strongly question his work ethic, desire and willingness to play in pain. And before everybody goes nuts let me emphasize that I said play in "pain"....not to be confused with playing injured. A scholarship athlete should feel some sense of responsibility to the school and should be committed to getting himself in the best physical condition possible to honor his end of the contract....something I don't feel he has done. If nothing else Wyatts' sense of committment has always been an issue at Albany. A captain should be someone who exemplifies the best qualities of the team and be a model for and respected by his fellow teammates. I don't believe Wyatt measures up to these standards and I don't think Albany should lower those standards and make him a captain.

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I wasn't necessarily proposing Wyatt as Captain, just trying to take a guess at of the six returning guys who played last year which three might be named captain. I realize Wyatt has a variety of issues which have been discussed at length on these boards.

This is a very young team and it's most senior players (Pipikis, Wyatt) are not going to be it's best players by any stretch of the imagination. I would think the leadership role is going to fall on Wilson and Levine as from the middle of last year on it seemed to be "their" team.

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Dane Pound there is a seniority problem. Which is why we as fans must be patient this year. When you look for a potential starting team you may find only freshman and sophs answering the call.


Wilson(soph), Levine(soph), Iati(Fresh), Martin(Fresh), Hughes(soph elig.), "Q"(jr WO), Johnson(Fresh WO), Cheese(soph WO).


Wyatt(jr),Pipikus(sr elig.), Knotts(soph)


It's very hard when the team is so young. This causes problems both in experience and maturity. You would like your captains to be mature and responsible. It might be an honor for Jamar and Levi but do they need the burden of worrying about others when they are still struggling to make there own place.

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I think Coach Brown would be making a solid statement if he decided to go without any captains this year. Although Jamar and Levi had stellar freshmen seasons on the court they both showed at times that they still have some maturing to do before they are rewarded by being named captain. I think this move would show that "captain" is not an appointment Coach takes lightly. Part of the process of turning the Albany basketball program around is more that just bringing in the best players, it is establishing a class organization from top to bottom. Albany has never had that before and I think that Coach Brown is the guy that is going get them to that next level. By not appointing anyone captain this year it would be sending out a loud and clear message that his expectations are high and that the "captain" title is one to be earned not won be default.


Plus "Patch" makes a valid point, Jamar and Levi have a lot of pressure on them this year due to the fact that they are marked men and they have a supporting cast of young, untested teammates. Let them get another year under their belt and prove their mettle and if they prove themselves worthy then make them captains for next season..........and have them lead the best team Albany has ever assembled and a bonafide D1 squad for the first time in their short history.

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Maybe appointing captains on a game to game basis, you need someone to deal with the refs on the floor and it can't be someone who is confrontational as it appeared Levi was a couple of times last season.


This will be interesting how it works itself out.

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