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Danielle Hutcheson

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Danielle Hutcheson was named first team all conference today. No other Lady Dane won an honor. Coach Patterson said on Wyland's show last week that Maree Jones should be the defensive player of the year, but she didn't get the award. I was hoping Becky Ayers would be third team, but she wasn't.


There is a good article in today's Gazette headlined "Confident Danes debut vs. Hawks" about the Lady Danes making their initial appearance in the conference tournament. Coach Patterson says her biggest concern is the bench. She says "that's the one thing we really don't have"

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I usually support our coaches but.........


Coach Patterson says her biggest concern is the bench. She says "that's the one thing we really don't have"


that's a harsh thing to say on the eve of the tourney, when those girl's on the BENCH have been working hard all year long. Schumacher, Clark etc.


Plus most the newcomers on the bench are her recruits!!!!!!!!!

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Patch - I think it's my fault for not putting it in context. Coach Patterson was talking about what it took to keep fresh legs for three consecutive days and how her staff was working with the training staff to figure out ways to keep players from tiring over three days. Her comment didn't appear to me to be a slap at Schumacher or others; merely a conclusion that other teams vying for the championship are a few players deeper. But, it is fair to point out that except for the 5 starters and Schumacher, no one else gets double-digit minutes. Clark and Majors have improved over the season to where they can provide adequate replacement when the starters need a rest, and I thought Tanya James played well against UMBC (while admitting that UMBC did not pressure her at all). I like that the staff is considering what it takes to play three days.


And Patch - we're on the same side and I'm not looking to start an argument with you; but I think it's too early in Coach Patterson's tenure to be critical of her recruiting. She was actually hired later in the year recruiting wise her first off-season than Coach Brown was. The present freshmen (and one transfer) are really her first recruiting class that she had a whole season to work towards. For one, I think Clark and James will mature to be good players. We can't blame Coach Patterson for a recruit getting homesick any more than we can blame Coach Brown for a recruit spending months away from school after a grandparent's death.


I apologize for my two sentence review of a two column article not containg appropriate context. I hope no one else was mislead into thinking that Coach Patterson was critical of her bench players. If only the Gazette were available on line.

Edited by statefan
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I was looking for Ayers to be all-conference as well. She's really a victim of a conference full of good players as well as a Danes team full of good players. The Lady Danes have had six different leading scorers this season. A couple all-conference picks came from teams with alot less balance and they were required to do alot more scoring. I'd imagine Ayers would take the balanced scoring and the wins and do without the acolades. If it works for motivation, I hope she feels snubbed and has a monster tournament.

To follow-up on Statefan's comments of Patterson's recruiting. I agree this is just her first recruiting class and also while I'm not an expert on women's recruiting the women seem to sign earlier than the men. Patterson was hired in May or June in 2002 and only had a couple of months before the early signing period when alot of the better recruits sign. In any case I'm willing to reserve judgement until a few more recruiting classes come in. I hope she's a good recruiter because Hutch is going to be hard to replace.

As for the tourney. The thing I'm most concerned about is that no player on this team has been to the tourney before. It's a different kind of atmosphere with a level on intensity this team isn't familiar with.

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I too apologize I wasn't trying to pick an argument.


I was actually shocked when I read Trina's comments and they just didn't seem right. I am the type willing to give coaches alot of space and very little agrevation, their's is a very tough job. It's very easy for fans to sit in the stands and second guess it's another thing to put in 60+ hours a week trying to recryuit and train your team. We must all remeber this is how they support their families and it is by no means an easy job..


As for her recruiting I'm with you and believe she has to be given time before we can make any assessment on her recruiting.


I think if she can show that she can recruit UA may have two head coaches who are worth keeping around as long as possible.


By the way keep up the good work - your posts are very informative.



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