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Great day at the bowl.


Hat trick for special teams - blocked extra point, blocked punt for TD, blocked field goal.


Can't blame the fake FG-TD on the coaches, Ford said they all told the players to watch for the fake, and they watched it right into the end zone.


I can see why Georgetown thought the refs were an enormous home advantage - one running into the kicker when we were blocked into him, one roughing the kicker when the snap was over the punter's head and he was kicking on the run, and nobody can figure out the next-to-last play when we had a near sack or fumble but was ruled an incomplete pass that never was near a receiver or got back to the line of scrimmage.


Secondary is starting to control the passing game a little better, maybe they had to get used to really good quarterbacks. Still giving too much room on the short passes, and like Duq some of the long gains were just big receivers making athletic plays over too-small cornerbacks. Real nice interception by Blais.


I still don't think we've run a sweep or toss all year, or any wide runs except Smith out of the wildcat.



I was at the Yale game and do not really have anything to add to 72's excellent report. I am curious about the "roughing the kicker" call where the Yale punter most definitely fumbled the snap, picked the ball up ran several yards to his right and forward before getting off the kick. Anyone in the know, know the rule?

Also, the second last play of the game was directly in front of me and due to the small crowd; I had a pretty much un-obstructed view and do not see how that could have been called an incomplete pass? Some Yale'es to me left were as perplexed as I was? Anyone see a replay or something to say different?

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Ford was as confused about the last sack as we all are. Even if it was a pass, it didn't cross the line of scrimmage, wasn't near a receiver. The ref told Ford 'he was being harassed by the defense' (? but that's football ?) so wasn't intentional grounding. But even though he was hit hard enough that he was helped off the field, it wasn't roughing the passer, but not a sack either.


As to the punt, I think Ford said the ref ruled the punter had reset, not punting on the run. Was he making up rules on the fly?

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