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  1. Interesting that something is happening with the renovation program. I recall {probably incorrectly} that it was suppose to be completed by NOW??????? Anyone remember or know what else is ON the renovation program and TIME LINE?????
  2. I went to the alumni scrimmage last night. Not much gained to report. Played in a downpour mostly and players wore different numbers than the roster indicated and some #s used for multiple players. First observation #6 Regan Enders won every face-off he took--obviously he is definitely an upgrade over previous Danes at the X. #36 also took some face-offs but with mixed results. Will Ramos was introduced with the graduated seniors from the covid years in the pre-game ceremony . Scott gave a nice speech & introductions; but could't the university provided him a mike?? Only younger goalies used; Ramos did not play at all, plus being introduced with the graduated seniors--not sure what that means for this year?? NO DEFENSE was played what-so-ever which is pretty typical in a game like this.[at least no-one was needlessly sliding.] Passing was perhaps the worse I've ever seen--which is/was expected from the alumni; but even this early, is a little unsettling from the regulars. Offensively, #23 or maybe 24 nailed a couple really long range shots and #0 Pessemeti (I think) had some nice goals. Hogg & Tucker each had at least one. Did not see Yunker at all; not even sure he suited; but with number switching hard to tell. Scott did mention next weekends Fall Ball tournament. Boton U, Marist & Vermont I think; but did NOT offer any info on TIMES & PLACE?? Anyone else there last night want to ADD/DISAGREE/WHATEVER greatly appreciated!
  3. B4B {before Benson}: Dutch was ALWAYS FREE for Home Coming/Parents Weekend. I guess $Ben figures parents & alumni did/do NOT pay enough along the way.☹️
  4. 2018. As always, thanks for your insights and assessments. Have you heard any more about the alumni scrimmage? Is it still this Friday, and time/place??
  5. I have not heard or seen much. Guessing Doles gets the start @ the 3/4 over Neeley. Don't see true freshman get starting roles upfront @ UA very often; but with the new regime who knows. But still think Doles get the start, because with only one true center (Newman), pretty small in the middle. Maybe find out a little more this Saturday @ Purple Gold scrimmage?? Anyone know if it is still planned? Advertising and communication @ UA like always POOR. Killings seemed at first to be sending out lots of emails and his mentality posts. Not much since practice started for real. Don't blame him he has his hands fill coaching and building a team; but Benson and his "marketing"/"advertising" staff, I guess are too busy putting trying to justify/defend their football program.
  6. SAD for the kids. Hopefully the final straw for Gattuso & Benson. Less than 2 pages of posts. Like Clack; I missed the first half mowing the lawn. Wish I was 20 years younger; would have mowed my neighbors and missed the second half also😏😏
  7. 2022 Roster NOW up. Looks like stocking up on middies? Reading Bios, no one stood out as a "future star" {maybe Winky-Wade?}. Interested in your comments, seems you have/know more incites on recruits? Interesting, brought in another grad transfer goalie? Seems we could use HELP on defense; but I did not notice much there?? Hope I'm wrong.
  8. Has JU regressed to the mean? Throws an int in red zone & almost another.
  9. Agree 1000% RANT ON😖! Another of my pet peeves and I have plenty with this administration. Marketing, Communication and Promotion awful in all sports. About the only thing they do consistently is ASK for money. With the new ticketing program, they do not even do that well. {I paid for basketball without having to make my GDAC seat payment--I'll let them sweat awhile before letting them know I owe🥲.}
  10. Bob87 missed you @ Volleyball. lcc better than I expected. Perhaps UA women underestimated them also? It was a struggle at times; with UA seeming to turn it on when they needed to. It should NOT have been that close. I will say this lcc had great servers.
  11. We have a geographical recruiting disadvantage in the CAA; add in: Inept COACH & AD = IMHO cannot and never will {"maybe occasionally"} win in the CAA.
  12. I agree with all you say and LIKED your post. My argument is that the CAA does little or nothing to enhance UA “name recognition”. Nobody cares about FCS football. I doubt 10 people out of 100 could tell you N.Dakota State has won 8 of the last 10 FCS champs. And even if I’m wrong about 0 interest in FCS; what do you think UA chances are of ever winning the CAA or for that matter the FCS champ. My argument is spend the money on our AmEast squads where we are competitive and compete well and have many champs & NCAA appearances. I would NOT go DIII football; but go somewhere where we can save money & be competitive. The only option I see is the NEC; unless the north CAA teams split & form their own league. Anyhow thanks for your post.
  13. Full Fall Ball schedule posted on Inside Lacrosse: Oct. 23 — At Fairfield: Fairfield, Holy Cross and Manhattan (M) — At Ohio State: Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Kent State, Niagara, Ohio State and Pitt (W) — HEADstrong Men’s Colleluori Classic at Grove City: Cleveland State, Grove City and Seton Hill (M) — At UAlbany: Boston U, Marist, Vermont and UAlbany (M) Interesting Headstong Classic 10/17; UA has NOT been invited since we hosted (3or4 years ago) and IMHO Benson botched the thing by not allowing Casey or Fallon use.{Just Saying}
  14. I get lambasted every time I suggest getting out of the CAA {and that is fine; I respect everyone opinions & I am fine with being disagreed with.} But what UA & NYS budgets/allows for athletics, we will never be able to compete in that league. Go back to the NEC, spread the savings around IMHO.
  15. Issue is not getting the tickets INTO the APP; now that they got the account registration bugs out. The issue is getting the tickets OUT of the APP and into Appple Wallet or Google Pay. Also transferring tickets to another individual (coming separately or just giving tickets away) still also has/had some issues.
  16. The point is you do need Wallet or Google Pay; if you do not have enough, or no data, UA WIFI is password protected and takes an act of god to get in. So without any of the above; you cannot open the mobile app to get to Ticket Central where your tickets are stored; so from home, from your computer, or somewhere with service you are suppose to be able to but them in Wallet or Google Pay, which stores items on/in your phone and DO NOT require data or wifi to access. Or if you simply do not want the hassle of signing into UAsports Mobile App, Ticket Central etc (which works sporadically at best) YOU NEED WALLET. Think of it as paying in cash to get in rather using a credit card. Just open your Wallet show your ticket BOOM your in. Also personally I do not like using my phone for much besides phone calls & texting. Pay bills, shop, BUY TICKETS, use my COMPUTER. Bought tickets for sports events & entertainment events all over the world. Never any issues.
  17. Your STATS tell the story. Just like to add; take out the one good season {an aberration really; how does the expression go--even a blind cat will find a mouse occasionally}, and the numbers become even worse
  18. LIKED your post. Spot-on. Obviously, did not like what it says/means😝.
  19. Thanks for the update. I've been searching/trolling info on Fall/Ball; with no avail. Marking my calendar 10/15 and 10/23. THANKS!
  20. ps Anyone tried Transfer Ticket option. Used if friend or family member arriving at a different time. I have only one football seat; but when basketball starts I will NEED this service. Wondering if it will be an issue; seems like everything else with ticket return has been/IS.
  21. UA finally acknowledging issue with Apple Wallet. Temporary fix emailed today. I hope a real more permanent fix is coming; as the fix ONLY works on your phone. I.E. Cannot use your computer or iPad to add tickets to Wallet. For what it is worth fix attached: Valued Season Ticket Holders, Happy game day and welcome back to Tom & Mary Casey Stadium. We hope you all are just as excited as we are to see our Great Danes back on the field doing what they love in front of our amazing fans. As you all know we are transitioning to a mobile ticketing platform, starting with today’s football game. We appreciate your patience as we’ve navigated through various challenges leading up to today’s game. It has come to our attention there are some technical glitches between the UAlbany Sports mobile app and the Ticket Return platform. The issue specifically relates to Adding tickets to Mobile Wallet and downloading. We have sent this to both app support and Ticket Return as these are separate entities we’re hoping to tie together. As for your tickets, we ask you to follow the directions below, from your mobile device, to download and add to your wallet. This route takes the app out of the scenario and allows you to download tickets directly from Ticket Return. Thank you again for your continued support and hope to see you all this evening. Be sure to arrive early for special stadium flyover during our National Anthem. UAlbany Athletic Ticket Office From Mobile Phone: Open new web browser and log onto ticketreturn.com Select icon in top right corner, followed by "sign in". Use your Ticket Return credentials to log in. Once logged in, make sport selection: UAlbany Football 2021 Select your action (view tickets, transfer, *add to wallet...) *Select Add to Wallet Select URI Game Select Seats you wish to add to wallet. Add each ticket manually by selecting each location from drop down. Add Seat to Wallet Repeat steps D and E for each location. Once all seats are added click purple "Finished" button. Don't want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message and any attachments are only for the use of the intended recipient and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. The electronic message herein is the confidential property of the sender and the person named as the recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, do not read, distribute or reproduce this transmission (including any attachments). If you have received this email message in error, please delete and notify the sender immediately. Any other interception, copying, accessing or disclosure of this message is prohibited. The sender takes no responsibility for any unauthorized reliance on this message. Thank you.
  22. I did not even see the play. Left early for BR break. Came back for the replay. Looked like a fumble to me; but had the sound off. What were homies saying?
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