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  1. Two "western & central NY" congress persons (not exactly sure their districts--as 72 said Utica/Rochester likely) are making a big stink about SUNY Poly and a small chip factory currently under construction in Utica. It is actually pretty small potatoes in the scheme of things and they already have lost out on number of other larger/major chip hubs they have been trying to attract to their Marcy campus [which has a lot of LAND to offer but really not much else IMHO.] It is my opinion and once stated by both Holcol and Schummer that Nano re-combined with UA gives NEW YORK STATE the BEST chance of landing major chip factories to the STATE. IMHO these SUNY Poly people would have a better chance of landing something significant or at least peripheral with nano centered with UA where it started out.
  2. When first announced in the TU; this was pretty much a done deal. Then some loud mouths from Syracuse complained. Which of course is their prerogative and in fact their job to do so; but I never saw a rebuttal from the appropriate capital district representatives??????? Then the TU said UA would get nano back if the 52 billion whatever package was passed. Which it was last month. Now they are saying UA will get nano back if nano is selected as one of two national next generation chip research facilities {which IS very likely.} The problem with all this IMHO, UA officials and cap district politicians seem to be sitting on their hands waiting for all the "what if"; instead of gettin out there are really getting after the re-merger. They seem to be very passive and afraid to ruffle feathers??????
  3. Not sure where to put this, but nice article in TU today about DK volunteering in the community: https://digital.olivesoftware.com/olive/odn/albanytimesunion/default.aspx OT As a side note my wife and I have been volunteering at Grassroots Givers since 2016-17. We deliver the books to the Albany City schools every month. The article said ½ million books sine 2009; so I guess we’ve done 100000 or so. Anyhow nice to see DK building community support edit, I guess the link above does not work. It did work when I tested but now requires a digital sign-in for some reason. If anyone knows or wants to see the article and perhaps fix the link; it was in Wednesday 7/27 Paul Grondahll section.C1 & C4. SORRY!
  4. Don't want to put words in your mouth; but it appears you are saying Merrimack is NOT looking to reform/rejoin the NEC, if and when it reforms? Also, sounds like you think Merrimack is looking to permanently join the AmEast for all sports? Maybe I missed your point; but I was only commenting that IMHO the AmEast overall is a better league than Maac; especially but not exclusively lacrosse. One thing I am not up on and perhaps you can enlighten me? Is the NEC dead or dieing in your opinion. I assume NEC football and basketball still exist?? Are other "minor" sports besides lacrosse [volleyball, softball, baseball....] in danger of losing auto qualifier status??
  5. Probably because the Maac is and has been for years the lowest lacrosse conference in the country. Where at least until the last couple of years the AmEast in lacrosse has been an upper echelon conference; just below the power conference; and has historically had its fair share of "at large" bids.
  6. Not sure I like having only one or 2 OOC games at home. But you DO make a couple excellent points: if we are going to be "road warriors" anyhow, might as well really play away; and like you say maximize the # of home games 2023-24. Also, like your Armory idea. Seems the last couple of years have averaged around 2k or less; except for opening game and the growl. Probably squeeze 2500-2800 into Armory for the rare "big" crowd; but agree with "72" 3600 seem unrealistic. Anyhow, like usual I doubt any of us has any say in the matter; but fun to speculate I guess.
  7. AGREE! Sad but True. IMHO collegiate athletics as we know it has/will come to an end. If not officially there yet; college athletics is/will become minor leagues for the PRO's. NIL article in todays Albany TU adds to the threat. [I'll try to figure how to link.] https://digital.olivesoftware.com/olive/odn/albanytimesunion/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=HATU%2F2022%2F07%2F01&entity=Ar01201&sk=BDDE32FE&mode=text
  8. I do not follow social media; but I am simply curious what is going on with the two vacancies??? Obviously recruiting etc is happening, do not need social media to know about that. So not sure why you have responded to my question without trying to answer it at all??
  9. Anyone know/hear about assistant coaches for next year. Missing two? Isn't that going to be an issue with summer practice/workouts beginning soon; also recruiting???????
  10. Everything General Admission I guess??? No reserved/assigned seats??? If they do it this way, I know some people who already said they will not get season tickets this year; but I said you might be jeopardizing your seat choice/priority for when "SEFCU/CAP COM" reopens 11/1/203?????????
  11. Can not find this on IL. Saw an opinion article from Foy a week or so ago, but nothing more??
  12. Actually vs Cornell, UA played them even the first half 6-8. Unfortunately 2-8 in second. Maryland no contest throughout; and of course that was pretty much the case for everyone this year. Princeton did give them a good battle last night.
  13. Received an email today from Justin that he is leaving UA June 10th. For those who do not know Justin, he was the Associate Director of Annual Giving. He was always a voice of reason and was always very responsive to questions or issues presented to him. He was always respectful to fans and donors and IMHO will be GREATLY missed. He always went to bat for fans, often battling others in the Athletic Administration in support of the everyday fan. On a personal note, my name would Not be on the plaque dedicating the new football stadium ( it was not Casey then) if not for Justin Brown.
  14. Just another sign how far the AmEast has/is falling?????? UA and pretty sure umbc, brook and even bingo in their first round games over the years, never or at least mostly never took a first round "thrashing." UA even when eliminated in second round or qtrs over the years were always competitive at least. Even semi-final loss was certainly not a total trashing. Even this year as "bad" as UA was they did beat Cuse (even in a down year for them they are still an ACC power with a win against Duke, only one of their acc loses was by more than few goals and they came closer to anyone in the country to beating Maryland [10-14]. In UA's three IVY loses, they were in every game; and a single bad QTR in each game were basically the differences. VT did not have a single quality OCC win; with their best OCC win against Penn State (who though rated early finished out of the top 30.) Not trying to say UA was/is better than VT this year; obviously VT had UA's number the last couple of years. But still think with UA's young attack and midfield, and with Scott making the needed Defensive improvements, UA will be back to the top of the AmEast sooner than later.
  15. Sorry I cannot agree with you. You are welcome to your opinion, as am I and everyone else. Believe me I have read this tread over; and in spite of your expertise and position with billions of construction $s, you have not convinced me that secrecy trumps promoting, communication & marketing. I fully acknowledge your expertise, but IMHO secrecy only fools for so long. IMHO better off meeting your opposition head on and try and sell them on your concept. Even if you cannot win them over; at least after it’s built you have not left angry nay sayers with “nothing to do about it or say about it. “
  16. I think we are ALL absolutely TRILLED about the facility upgrades. I for one am just disappointed in the usual secrecy and total lack of community involvement, marketing and promotion. Someone mentioned they do it "under the table quietly", not to upset the faculty? That is totally ridiculous . I guarantee the nay sayers KNOW exactly what is going on. They can complain all they want, but UA Athletics is not going to fade away; and money has to be spent there as well as in English Lit, Anthropology, etc. etc. In fact, instead of trying to do everything in secret, IMHO Benson & Company should be more open and MARKET to the faculty and the community what ATHLETICS brings to the University in exposure, research funds and student enrollment and participation. Of course there is always going to be nay sayers and opponents to spending money on inter-collegiate athletics, but trying to hide the investment in Athletics does nothing to change their minds. I for one still think Benson has been a miserable failure in leading UA Athletics. Some on this blog now seem to want to give him props for these facilities upgrades and you all are certainly welcome to do so. I for one say the upgrades are long overdue, his secrecy, lack of marketing/promotion, lack of communication of the upgrades are just another example of his incompetency.
  17. Civic Center holds 4800. Ye of little faith, don't think we can fill it? Page Hall court was always good with the extra defender option: columns in play.🤭
  18. Nice arena. Use to see hockey there before River Rats came to Albany and them left. Also, high school sectionals and NYState & Federated championships their often. Wild atmosphere! LIKE your suggestion; but agree not likely. Also, still not sure WHY we are even talking about alternate sites. University Gym completion suppose to be prior to SEFCU "supposed" work.
  19. Army defenseman Marcus Hudgins entered the NCAA’s transfer portal on Thursday with two years of eligibility remaining, multiple sources told Inside Lacrosse. Named a preseason first-team All-American heading into 2022, Hudgins did not suit up for the Black Knights this spring due to personal reasons. OK, Scott go get him!
  20. Has NOT delivered anything definitive that I can see? Am I missing something official. If this was all a lock, why is the only thing I can see are deep searches from some on this blog. Not that I am doubting your findings and diligence ; but if this was all “delivered”, WHY all the secrecy—-And why not communicate/advertise. Also, from first reports University Gym was suppose to be COMPLETE before SEFCU started. Now I read about playing at St. Rose, Wash Armory, High Schools and even MVP/$iena???
  21. AmEast has NOT gotten better. In fact the league as a whole has most definitely gone down hill. Two years in a row AmEast has a playin game and/or facing #1 seed. Historically AmEast has been in the 8-10 seed range & has had two entries a number of times. VT two years in a row in tournament and have not beaten a top 5 and pretty sure only 1 or 2 wins vs 6-20. Question 2 “probably yes”; but then how do we account for only 1 ACC in this year when usually 4 to 5 make it EVERY YEAR? Also, how do we answer 5 no-schollie IVYs in? Basically I have no answer to your second question🧐.
  22. I was NOT disputing this; just wondering how/why the clock & horn are not on the same system or synced? Did not see or watch the game yesterday. Why was the goal disallowed? Did the Ref. not know the horn was UNOFFICIAL? In a basically meaningless game vs Penn the Ref. knew the clock ruled. In a tournament baring game yesterday, no body new the correct rule and there was no way to review????
  23. 4th 00:01 PEZZIMENTI, Joey (5) PISENO, Jake 19 11. In the mens' last home game against PENN, Pessimenti let go a shot definitely after the hour sounded. The official immediately raised his hands goal. I was sure it was going to be disallowed; but was not. I assumed the officials took pity on UA the game/season was over and the goal meant nothing; so they allowed it. Someone walking out said the horn is NOT official; only the sideline clock is. Checked the box when I got home and found they officially credited the goal at 00.01. Don't know how/why the clock and the horn are independent?? Don't know who was right/wrong yesterday; just reporting what I saw & heard after the PENN game.
  24. Ames Iowa no less. Trying to remember which UA past player was from Ames. Pretty sure it was not Brent Wilson; but speaking of Iowa & Brent; Killings has two openings on his staff. Brent could make a nice addition and maybe help rekindle some of UA's glory days? ps where did you see the signing and player video??
  25. OT. Speaking of seniors; anyone know where Covid extra year eligibility stand??? Is this the last year where players can op for a extra year; or have we already reached the end of Covid extra years???
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