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  1. For the few who care I will add my post game assessment. Trying not to repeat the formal and news reports, I do feel compelled to mention Scotts comment on UA's SLOW starts. UA is very young overall. Even though they do have some excellent upper class leaders, sometimes it takes time for the players to get on the same page and ALSO to figure out what the opponent is doing and how to respond. With no fall ball, late start due to covid & WEATHER, personnel issues and what seems as a constantly changing line up, UA is very much still a work in progress. Of course, to some degree or another a
  2. Agree; coaches have more important things to do than chat with fans. But IMHO message boards and blogs of this sort are still relevant. Coaches or preferably a staff member should monitor the blogs; but certainly should not be actively participating. I do not do Facebook or Twitter or Tip/Tik Top/Tox or whatever they call it and am perfectly happy NOT TO. So DP please KEEP THIS BLOG ALIVE. So now that I said; coaches need not communicate personally to fans; just for fun I responded to what I felt was a robo call and bulk email from Coach K. My email made reference to UWM where my son is
  3. Don't really blame Hartford if they did move down. NOT that I am recommending they do so! But in their defense, the AmEast while NOT the bottom is pretty close to the bottom of D1. Really don't know much about there reasons; but kind of the reverse of the song "NY-NY". If you can't make it here you can't make it anywhere. Also in their defense, I reiterate my long standing gripe that the NCAA does nothing/ or almost nothing to support mid majors. In fact, most/many of their rules make it pretty nearly impossible for mid majors to not only compete but to even exist. And please don't misco
  4. 100% agree. And WISH UNH, RI and the Rest of the "northeast" components and maybe a few more would GET OUT of the caa; and form their own league! Been saying this for years; even before we ultimately joined the caa. I know most/many of you disagree; but still think there is IMHO no way the competitive disadvantage of the northeast teams face vs the southern can or will ever be overcome. And the additional cost vs exposure benefits has IMHO been a MYTH.
  5. Might be able to top all you old timers. Saw my first UA basketball game in what is now Bishop Maggin High School winter 67-68 my freshman year. Also, saw a game in Page Hall basement Gym that winter (No sh*% they actually had pillars if not in play pretty close). Began a run of what was almost 10 years of not missing a game when UA Gym opened in the winter of 69-70. And if I may add one better; when I en-rolled in September 1967. Physical education was a required course. Since there was no building, we took PE outside, in the tunnels and just about anywhere else. We even had to take a wr
  6. I did not start a new topic; blog interest in Lacrosse seems pretty low these days. But for those interested UA bounced back nicely from last weekends loss to brook and the dismissal of their leading scorer and one time #1 recruit in the country. UMass Lowell is not a very good team at this point, but are well coached and have a lot of good young talent IMHO. UA played very well yesterday on both offense and defense. Really putting it all together, including correcting 3 areas which many on this blog have noticed. UA won 18 of 26 face-offs, was dominant on ground balls and reduced turnove
  7. The last 3 home games ABSOLUTELY should be moved to Casey Stadium with 1700 or so tickets offered. Even if 200-300 tickets are given away to family/friends, leaves 1400 or or so for sale. Even if only half of those are sold that is 700 x ($10-$20) that is $10,500 per game. If UA manages to get home field for AmEast even more money coming in {not sure how much AmEast gets.} Betting minimum $30,000 taken in for three home games, and would NOT be surprised if upwards of $50,000. Believe my estimates are conservative; really feel upwards of 1400 or 1500 tickets per game would not be out of the qu
  8. Think canceling last weekend really hurt UA yesterday. Simply UA was NOT consistently sharp yesterday. I've seen pretty nearly every set home & away (on AmEast of course) this fall/spring actually. Even though they competed hard, yesterday they looked out of sorts @ times. Reminded me a little of UA's Jekyll/Hyde Lax team. UA would get a lead and then seem to relax, almost like the were trying to conserve energy. I have NO idea how many players they had available last weekend; but feel a team needs to PLAY against opponents to stay sharp. Especially coming up to tournament time, IMHO
  9. repost from General: If they move Lacrosse to Casey; they could allow 1700 fans in [20% of 8500.] But why should UA, put themselves out a little for the FANS/DONORS/COMMUNITY.
  10. If they move Lacrosse to Casey; they could allow 1700 fans in [20% of 8500.] But why should UA, put themselves out a little for the FANS/DONORS/COMMUNITY.
  11. Paste or link to see UA re-opening policy: https://www.gocomics.com/wizardofid/2021/04/01
  12. Could not understand listing. Said year 2017? Is he a grad transfer? Or high school senior. Also if transfer, from where?
  13. Bob, I hope you have not left yet. ps Volleyball home tomorrow night for AmEast championship. Wonder if they will let fans in??
  14. The only issue I have with this they should NEVER have started this ridiculous SPRING SEASON.
  15. quote from Quint in IL; "The America East has a sensational race going on with the Seawolves, UMBC, Albany and Vermont vying for the AQ. UMBC wins close games on a weekly basis. Albany is mercurial." In a subsequent article he heaps praise on UA for their victory against a highly rated UMass team and finishes with the following "Saturday, they gave it all right back losing a conference game to Stony Brook, their second league defeat." Don't always agree with Quint but I think he nailed it with mercurial: [mer·cu·ri·al| ˌmərˈkyo͝orēəl | adjective1 (of a person) subject to sudden or unpre
  16. This announcement was actually made a week ago. I have been trying since then to get some information from the ticket department about (1) why the new ticket portal was still not working (2) why GDAC and priority points were not updated to the portal as promised and (3) if tickets would be available for this weekends Lacrosse game. Answering (3) first, Benson per the above article is STILL evaluating the above criterion. He has only had a WHOLE year to come up with a re-opening plan. Fire him NOW, YESTERDAY, SOON pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (2) the new portal IS still having
  17. The problem here is Gatusso NEVER deserved a 5 year extension. One good year and everyone seems to forget the first miserable 6 years of his tenure. I know there is no way UA will buy-out his contract now; but IMHO, I would fire him today, no reason to wait. The team is going no-where, even if they win there last two [which they will not.] UA is committed because of Benson's contract blunder; no need to wait until the end of the season to acknowledge this. Won't happen but fire them BOTH today. Look at the BEATINGS every UA team (except woman's lax) took this weekend. EVERY spring &
  18. Is there a cutoff DATE when players must decide to return or NOT??
  19. Did UA forget how to play defense?? Difference in the game IMHO--brook played D, UA did not! Looks like brook #1 pre-season correct. Vermont offense good but they don't play D. At this point, brook looks like the best balanced team, especially if UA can't figure out how to win some face-offs and how to play some Defense. Also UA plays DEFENSE in QTR 1, like they don't have an idea what the other team is going to do. Maybe because of covid NO scouting??? 1st qtr vs vt and brook cost us both games, Even vs umass the D let in 4 quickies. {good thing UA offense also off to a fast start vs um
  20. The four row bleachers on the east side of Fallon were facing Fallon Tuesday. I was standing behind them for ½ the first quarter. The guard unlocked the gate for a camera man. A few of us just walked in; the guard did not seem to mind, until a group of about 10-15 more decided to join us. He then politely asked us to leave. He was very kind and understanding, but I think he got a little nervous when the #s got too big. Anyhow 72 is right those bleachers usually face the opposite direction, towards field hockey. Also, Becker was tryng to say Umass was/would be playing 8 CAA games and UA wa
  21. +1. I can only repeat my comments from yesterday 11:20AM. Play together & play sixty minutes and UA by far is the best team in the AmEast. NYSteve is correct UA is still a work in progress--too many TO's, face-offs, gound balls [which by the way were much improved today.] all still need improvement. But even with their issues, if they play hard and smart for 60 minutes they will beat any team in the AmEast {IMHO}. Get a chance to see UA OOC vs top 15 (10) in some polls; UMass team Tuesday. Should be a good litmus test.
  22. Agree we made a lot of the same mistakes all three games--not getting face-offs & ground ball, TO's, etc. I think the big difference was not so much Vermont; but UA shooting in the first half. Vermont can score; but their defense is very suspect. Perhaps defensive mistakes in the first half did contribute to vt putting up 11 on UA; but IMHO if UA shoots like they have all year {sans first ½ vs vt}; UA can/should outscore anyone in the AmEast at least, Vermont included. Also, one of it's goals was scored by Hay when he tried to pickup a bouncing ball in the crease and in-advetently knocked
  23. My son lives in Milwaukee and the firing of Wojceichowski while maybe not official was know over a week ago. When I told my son we were getting an assistant coach from Marquette, he immediately said is UA getting Judson Woj's buddy from Duke. When I said it was Killings, he was not familiar with the name. But for whatever its worth, Killings absolutely knew before he accepted the UA position that Woj was out.
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