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Big question for next year

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Will the Danes be able to play Big next year?


Can the staff afford to play two Bigs at a time - either Zoellner, Wyatt, Dyson, B Wilson or Knotts??? Can any of them give us a physical presence inside yet defend some of the 4s who can step away from the hoop and score?


Or will we play small with 3 guards?


Iati, Jamar, Lucious, Johnson, Bauman and Lillis.


Can Levi, "Q" and Lillis play the 3 and guard on the perimeter?


Will Levi be asked to play the 4?


I guess they're all tough questions and I guess until the team comes together next Fall no one will really know what we have until the team starts working out. I hope the three guys who sat out this year are committed to playing defense hard.


The one good thing is we should have depth for the first time.

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OK Patch I'll bite.

For starters I don't see Q at the small forward spot at all unless his ball handling skills improve dramatically. He can certainly guard the 3 and I like the way he plays but he can't handle the ball outside and definatly not in the open floor. I like him at the 4 much more.

I would expect Dyson could be on the floor with Zoellner in certain situations. Like when the other team also has a block to block type PF on the floor. I'm really just guessing because he could come in and be terrific but at his size I would think quicker quys could just blow by him.

I would really like Levi at the 4 with Zoellner on the floor. Outside of Bing, nobody can match up with Zoellner and with Levi, Jordan, Iati and Wilson camped out behind the arc who would you pull a guy off to double-team with. A few years ago when St. Johns was good they were very nearly upset in the NCAAs by Northern Arizona who had a 7 footer and surrounded him with 3-pt shooters. No matter what lineup the staff goes with they are either going to have Levi or Q coming off the bench which is a nice situation-a proven double-digit scorer to give a lift on offense if you need it (although we shouldn't very often).

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Iati, Courtney, Levi, Q, Wyatt (This seasons starting 5)


Will any of these 5 start next year???????????? - professor


Great question!!!!


I would hope that Levi and Iati would get to start until someone proves better than them.


Levi has given us two good years (All Rookie as a Frosh) of consistent double figure scoring under adverse conditions. His defense could be tested by quicker players at the 3 and his size may be questionable at the 4 - but he is a warrior and "a" position should be his until someone outplays him.


Iati as "Rookie of the Year" should be pencilled in to start until his shortcomings(defense) become a liability.


"Q" and Wyatt will get minutes but won't start.


Courtney won't play much (unless it's as a defensive stopper in special situations), until he dedicates himself to developing a solid outside shot.

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I think Iati would have the best chance to start as long as his defense improves. Levi is an ENIGMA! No position, doesn't defend well enough at the SF or PF positions. He is a match-up problem offensively for other PF's to guard him when he is playing the PF spot. I think Levi will play 18-20 minutes per game next year and be a real good bench player!


All I know is Wilson, Jordan, and Zoellner will start.


Interested to see if we sign anybody else?

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