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  1. Yep. I knew where you and your bro are and we’re. That’s why I am curious at the accusations. Not many regular posters and from the ones I’ve met, I know no one that has crossed that line.
  2. Well, who are you talking about. Many posters here know or have met each other. Honestly, I thought you meant Click or ELI.
  3. Dude. Bernard can’t go. He needs someone to toss under the tractor trailer next season. Other coaches are too likable.
  4. Whoa. He canned Sweeney? If so I will guarantee you that wasn’t by choice. He’s a BFF of Gattuso. My guess is that Benson said it’s your job or you fire Coaches. I heard similar pressure was put on a certain hoops Coach, at least twice.
  5. Little surprised that you are saying this about some of the guys. Damico was all CAA second team and has been a stud for three years. He was injured a good portion of this year. His offers right off the bad are National Quarterfinalist Villanova and Towson. Mazon Walker (you've seen my earlier comments about FBS) is a solid FCS guy. DJ McConnell went back and forth starting / 2nd team Joe Casale is a 2nd and sometimes first string linebacker, in line for first team duties this year. Jeff Undercuffler- clearly there was a staff/jeff issue this year. I think it affected his game. I can see him going back to his old ways in a new situation. Damon Burton- tough kid but a ton of injuries.
  6. Benson still has time to rectify the problem, much like Delaware has done. Question is: Does Benson have the money to do so. That being said, the transfer game has changed the way you can build a team. A new coach can come in and bring in "his guys" from his previous school and get some high level transfers to quickly rebuild.
  7. Undercuffler in How much do you want to bet he returns to form Benson took a massive risk Maybe he’s calculated it, I just don’t know
  8. And let this sink in. Joe Casale is Albany royalty, his brother a star for us. He honestly never got the time from this staff. Don’t know if the new LB committed before this happened. But this one is a shock. I thought Casale’s turn would be this year and next. We lost first and second string linebackers. We lost a backup corner. We lost a starting dlineman. We lost Verse who may have well stayed if we were a championship contender. You get drafted out of the CAA. SO, we literally lost players from the strongest unit we have, defense…key contributors. And Gattuso is a defensive guy. talk about rats…jumping…burning ship. Sigh
  9. Yep. Just announced. And four other guys. anyone and I mean anyone saying this isn’t about staff can go pound sand. Some of these guys were personal favorites of Gattuso. I get verse. Verse is literally getting offers from everywhere (LSU is latest). These other guys, not FBS guys. They are jumping off this ship, including guys who have a year left and can be part of a turn around our staff is preaching about. I can’t imagine we will be any good. This is a shame and frankly sucks that our finances are so bad that we would let our program suffer another year. I get that covid has hamstrung the department…that’s a mere excuse. We aren’t packing the football in that we lost that much revenue. Fact is, fundraising has not skyrocket like it was supposed to under the current administration. I do find it telling that Gattuso’s guys don’t want to be part of a turnaround. let us all be healthy for 2023.
  10. We just lost Mazon Walker to the portal. Grumble... I don't understand this one. He's good, no doubt...but he is not going to be an FBS guy at a team that is going to wow you. Not as a 5'9 NT. Maybe a MAC or lower team...
  11. He's a good one. Very different style than Mofor...but he has an abundance of talent to fill Mofor's massive shoes. I think he comes in as a January guy, and that will allow him to work with the team and the strength coaches. Would love to see him get up to the 205 range eventually.
  12. Old news, my friend. You are a year behind 😂
  13. Donovan Reiser OL Transfer Lackawanna CC (Sacred Heart University)
  14. Brevin Easton WR Transfer Assumption College Anton Juncacj DE Transfer Nassau CC (Southern Ct St) Quinn Zinobile WE Transfer Clarion University (2 years left)
  15. Well, they moved the ball from what I can hear on the radio...still can't believe I wasn't there. Defense has been solid all year...but the offense finally put it together. You move the ball, shots will fall...and wins happened. And Click is right, Horton gave him the Southern "Child Please". Big time shot at the end. Great win for the program, next one is up!
  16. Maybe I shouldn't watch games; gives them some oomf. Apparently, I am Eddie the Mush.
  17. I do have ESPN+. Not available in the local market where ACCN is banned.
  18. I'm so mad I can't watch this; Xfinity doesn't offer the ACCN and I am in a pseudo quarantine for 10 more days because I received steroid treatments that suppress the immune system, so can't make the 3 mile trip from my apartment to watch it live. Comcast...such a PIA not having ACCN.
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