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  1. Just watched the UA vs. Vermont Championship game on ESPNU. God I love watching that dunk! Albany Lax is on in a little bit too. Great exposure. Even at 11pm on the West Coast
  2. UA vs. Vermont AE Championship game and UA vs. Hopkings Lax game were both on ESPNU this evening. Loving it!
  3. Liking him already. Little bit taller than Jamar too which is great.
  4. Not that I have heard. But Kenny has ties to the area having played at G-land and would do a great job.
  5. Usually in cases like this they transfer to some place close to home. Like Josh Duell going from UVM to Siena. Lou coming back home to Albany. Just a few examples of many
  6. I don't think he will play for the CBA team. The USBL is a good warm up for pre-draft camps in Orlando. Just like the Portsmouth Inv. it's another opportunity to have scouts see you play.
  7. First I wouldn't say it's going to be a rebuilding year. We lost two players. Granted both starters and AE POY in Wilson, but we a lot of experience and talent coming back. Look at Vermont when they lost TJ and Taylor. They were one win away from going back to the Tourney thanks to us. Second, tv games aren't decided until the week before the games. If we're winning we might get something. If we're not that attractive we won't get a tv game. It will still give us two games against another mid-major team (one and one).
  8. Why wouldn't we? And by try do you mean win a bunch of games so they select us?
  9. Here's the link http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/bracketology...mp;lid=tab4pos2
  10. Joe has Vermont winning the AE and Siena winning the MAAC. Both #14 seeds. Can't wait to see how many he has right. Alredy know he has one.
  11. Don't get me wrong I want him to stay but he's said before he wants to get to a higher level of play. I think he can do better than St. Bonnie
  12. How is it premature? Coach is talking to another school about taking a new position. I think from the minute he makes an official visit and talks numbers with another school it gives me the right to bring it up. Comes with the territory.
  13. I like Filien too but I think we need someone with head coaching experience. Back in 2000 when Brown took over it was under different circumstances.
  14. Dan Dakic would be another good hire but the America East would probably be too low for him to consider. He's a product of Bobby Knight. Very personable guy. You got any issues with him?
  15. I say we look at Jeff Ruland to be our new head coach. I was shocked they bought him out. One bad season and a really young team? I always thought he was a good coach in the MAAC.
  16. It's was on the opening of SportsCenter again this morning and before going to the break they had a shot of Jamar, Brent hitting a three and C Ross' dunk promoting Doug and Andy's breakdown of the South Region. With anticipation they were going to talk about us, they didn't. Doh!
  17. Gitty up! For those visiting or not working that day any drink specials?
  18. I'll be there at Galway Hooker. I'm having a party there later on that night for my girlfriend's birthday. Nice place to watch games.
  19. Haha the Greyhounds. I didn't hear that. I think we should drop Great and just be the Danes.
  20. http://slog.cstv.com/theglasssneaker/ Not only did the guys at CBS acknowledge us but a lot of other media outlets are taking notice. For someone that was a freshman our first year at D-I and have been supporting the program ever since, it's a proud time to be a Dane.
  21. It's obvious that their two guards are their best players. Who do we match up on who?
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