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  1. Big 10 reversing course gives me some hope that common sense will start to come back as part of the decision making process.
  2. Agree 100% not Benson’s call. He may not have even been given a courtesy call for his opinion. That said, to me this is a PR move more than a science based safety move. Nobody can be wrong in the wrong direction. I get it. Over the top better safe than sorry. My two cents.
  3. Does cancelling sports suddenly remove these kids from society? Will cancelling/pausing athletics stop them from gathering? They will still live off campus. They will still get together. If they wear their masks when the go to stores, restaurants and other places aren't they really only putting themselves/each other at risk. Sorry, other than punishing them I'm not sure what shutting it down accomplishes other than maybe, maybe slowing the spread between each other. Serious question: After UNC had it's outbreak did the surrounding areas see any measurable bump? Maybe too soo
  4. I guess he's protecting the staff. But the kids? Up to 1,249 cases w/ ONE hospitalization. Meanwhile a new CDC study shows that "25.5% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 reported having seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days." We continue to view this in a vacuum. There is another side of this Covid equation that is just swept under the rug. And I'm not downplaying the deaths that have happened but there is no better place for these kids to be than the classroom and the athletic fields. From the CDC there's been 315 deaths in 15-24 year olds due to Covid s
  5. https://www.suny.edu/covid19-tracker/ Sorry, top of the page its the "estimated" (in lighter font) total positives. I think we're on the same page here for our date. Wether it's the 543 or 1,156 there's been ONE hospitalization. 59,204 tested. A hospitalization rate of .0017%.
  6. According to the SUNY website there’s been 1,156 positives and ONE hospitalization. Shut it down.
  7. So a bunch of healthy kids got together with a bunch of other healthy kids (while clearly breaking the rules) and we’re shutting it down for everybody and sending in SWAT teams (see Oneonta)? Seems appropriate.
  8. Two weeks ago scientists said no need for masks. Two weeks ago science was predicting much higher death tolls (even with social distancing). Science changes. Science unfortunately is not an exact science.
  9. A bit dated (not intentionally but I recognize this discounts Virginia’s win) but no defense doesn’t win championships. It’s really a balancing act but seems to lean on offense. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-11-10/nine-years-college-basketball-data-show-offense-matters-more%3famp
  10. I tend to disagree w the premise of only having 2 “scorers” on the floor at the same time. That’s how you end up chucking contested 3’s. One Hanks on the floor is okay. 2 or 3 defense and rebound guys kills an offense. Plus it’s terribly boring to watch. I love the idea of driving and dishing to open 3’s. But if the guy driving isn’t a finisher, and the inside guys aren’t finishers, then the 2 scorers will still be covered no? I need 3 scorers and one more that is at least a threat. I’d like the 5th to be competent offensively unless he’s a stud on the defensive end. Hanks M
  11. I try to keep my opinions in the reasonable arena. No, third place doesn't get a coach fired, nor should it. It doesn't mean he can't be criticized either. This team may finish in third, but easily could finish in fifth if they throw up another stinker. 9-7 = ok in this conference. 8-8 is not good. The bottom of this conference is always very bad. You should get six wins without much effort, every year. So no big points from me for getting 8 or even 9. When they are not winning the team at times becomes unwatchable. 48 points. 52 points. Yuck. And what do we do? Nothing
  12. UA Men’s and Women’s Teams sweep America East Championships. They did it in impressive fashion too. Looks like both by around 50 points. Congratulations to Coach Vives, his staff, and the team.
  13. Can someone smarter than me explain the end of the first half? First w Hanks on the line shooting a 1 and 1 we have nobody rebounding? Nobody? Then with fouls to give we and 5 seconds left we let a guy into the lane to score? Why didn’t we foul?
  14. Did you call Stire a stud? Solid role player at best. 6 points and 5.5 RB’s per game. And, at least according to others, Cremo wasn’t really here because of recruiting.
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