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  1. The only home Track & Field meet of the year is today at 4PM. Come out and support for the best men's and women's team that the school has.
  2. Well, now we can advertise unlimited playing time.
  3. Add to it the style of basketball we play. And "we're just missing a few pieces. We played UVM tight but ran out of gas and that was without any real bigs at all. With you here we can get this done"
  4. There are D2 (and even D3) kids that can thrive at the AE level. Watching Colorado St win a play in game tonight over Virginia, they have 2 D2 and one D3 guys that are significant contributors. Love players w chips on their shoulders, and that can be kids coming down a level or kids coming up a level.
  5. Two questions: 1. Given the stats above how many minutes should Beagle get? 2. How many minutes would Beagle get at UVM? UVM has crushed this league for years. To say he wouldn’t get many minutes there is unfair. How many would he get at the other 6 teams ahead of us? I get it he’s not a superstar. But in the AE, given his performance the last 8 games, I see no reason he wouldn’t fight for a starting job or first big off the bench on teams not named UVM. It sucks but we can’t compare ourselves w UVM.
  6. Clearly not Travis Charles but to think he’s only good for 5-10 minutes in the AE seems a bit much. Scoring, rebounding, FG % and shot blocking he out performs Beagle statistically when given the chance. He did this with no other big on the floor. And this group (me included) thought Beagle was the man. Defensively? Not sure either one is a stopper. Beagles height gives him a big advantage most likely.
  7. Sorry, it's not if I say so. It's the stats saying so. Do you know how many players in the entire NCAA D1 missed less than 1/3 of their shots? 2. Yes 2. Missing 1/3 of your shots is incredibly good. The first guy 6'5" is under 60%. His 62% on the year would tie him w/ Zach Edey. His 74% over the last 8 games would place him easily as #1 in the country in FG %. His FG% was easily number 1 on the team w/ 6'10" Beagle in 2nd at 58%. He'd be an 11 and 9 guy at 32 minutes/game. He blocked more shots in far less minutes than Beagle did. His FT shooting sucks and he commits to many fouls. But to point out missing 1/3 of his shots as a weakness is akin to saying a .300 hitter sucks because he makes an out 70% of the time.
  8. Newton shot 62% from the floor on the year and nearly 75% over the last 8 games and averaged nearly 7 RBs and 8 PPG over that stretch. All this in about 24 MPG. Mostly as an undersized 5. Not sure we couldn’t find a spot for him next to a competent big.
  9. And I get people not getting too excited but when they are on, like they were last night, this is an entertaining bunch to watch. It was shocking how few people were there (especially if you discount a couple of decent sized groups). And they do hustle. The defense was much better, especially when Marshall was on the floor. Only gave up 26 in the 2nd half. That's a 50 point improvement to some games. 100% agree on the shooting. Live and die there.
  10. That was a beat down from the jump. UNH made a decent run after Marshall got his 2nd foul but UA pretty much dominated the other 30 minutes. I'm not going crazy but it's realistic to think if this team can move up to a 6 or 5 seed they can win a playoff game. Not sure how all the scenarios play out but a win Saturday should move the needle.
  11. You're welcome. To answer your question. Yes. And I don't think it's even close. Last year was the only year neither team won and they both got 2nd.
  12. I honestly don't know how Coach Vives does it w/ these facilities. Not a ton of great facilities in the AE but we've got a track not up to a lot of D3 schools. My son runs D3 and races at a handful of D3 tracks. All better than what we have at UA.
  13. Dominating wins for both teams. Congrats to the team and coaching staffs. Team Scores Score Breakdown Team Scores - Men20 of 20 Events Scored Place Team Points 1 Albany 165 2 UMass Lowell 144.50 3 Binghamton 119.50 4 Maine 82 5 UMBC 77 6 New Hampshire 75 7 Bryant 56 8 Vermont 39 9 NJIT 22 Team Scores - Women20 of 20 Events Scored Place Team Points 1 Albany 191 2 Binghamton 134 3 UMass Lowell 114 4 Bryant 93 5 UMBC 78 6 Vermont 50 7 Maine 48 8 NJIT 39 9 New Hampshire 33
  14. Both teams have taken over the lead. The Lady Danes seem to be in control to take back the title. The men will battle UMass Lowell to the end.
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