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  1. Great post. I wish I knew what the root cause was for the defensive breakdowns. If it were me, I would have said we are going to cover your six guys with our six guys and if you beat us great. From my distant vantage point it seemed like they were lost, and when you are creating offense for your opponent that is usually more about being confused than being physically beaten.
  2. I wasn't reading into your post about moving on from Coach Marr, and I agree with you. The decline since the final four appearance has been pretty fast and deep, and the seat should be getting a bit warm.
  3. I would say overall the team got worse, especially the defense. I think I said if I were Vegas the over/under on wins was going to be 4 1/2 and we just got the over. I have no idea if Scott's seat is getting warm, and I think he has earned some time to work through this, but if I were Benson I would demand some changes and I think it begins with bringing in an experienced assistant with no ties to the program. It is long past time to go outside the program.
  4. If I am remembering correctly, I read an article a while ago saying Yunker would be the volunteer coach after this season. I think there are at least two more seasons of Covid repeat that still needs to work its way through the system before things return to normal.
  5. How the mighty have fallen. Really sad to watch this. Vermont is just bigger, faster, stronger, and better.
  6. ugh, I wish you hadn't said anything - two quick goals from totally unnecessary slides.
  7. I was just able to watch the replay on ESPN. I heard Mike on the broadcast say we played no zone, and maybe it was because we didn't want to show it again to UVM. I am not sure if I agree with that at this point in the season. As you said the defense is a mystery, and seeing the same mistakes over and over by the same group of guys just doesn't make sense. None of us know what they are being asked to do, but he either has the wrong combination of guys out there or he has confused the living daylights out of them. Either way that is a coaching problem.
  8. and whatever the pregame meal was don't serve that again! 😀 It was like they ate Thanksgiving dinner before the game.
  9. I had to pull over the car during Roger's interview with Coach Marr. You could absolutely hear the frustration in Scott's voice. I disagree with some of the comments about this being a poorly constructed team. Clearly there isn't an offensive horse on this team the coaching staff can ride as we have had in the past. There are some good athletes on the team, but not the high end guys like an Osika or McClancy, but we do have some solid guys in the midfield who can get up and down the field, and while we don't have the Lyle or Connor at attack there is a skilled group of guys. For the life of me I don't understand with a talented offensive mind, and Canadian in Thomson as the OC we are not running a more Canadian style offense based upon cutting, two man games, and quick passing. We don't have anyone who can break down a defense so why do we continue to see guys trying to do that? I am not going to single out players, having had one that was sometimes ripped on the forum, but we have guys repeatedly dodging into tackling dummies, trying to beat guys from X and it just ain't happening. If a defensive trio can't play a lick of non zone defense then we have the three wrong guys out there or they are being asked to do the wrong things. I think it is a combination of the two. The lack of off ball awareness is mind blowing. There has to be a combination of three guys, or maybe it is tweaking one or two that allows them to play better as a group. in past years it was a small middle getting beat which caused the defense to have to over rotate, but this year that is not really the case, and we just can not play defense. We have a one game season on Friday, and then the Yale and Penn games assuming we win, which we absolutely should, are basically scrimmages the last two games to figure out what the heck is going on, and restart for the AE playoffs. If I see the same garbage, and same guys playing defense and offensive guys dodging into walls then I will have to officially give up on the Danes until we have some major shake ups in the coaching staff/philosophy.
  10. Dane Train lacrosse last night. A win as others have said that could give them all a lot of confidence. So good to see Ramos in the cage. Now that he can play, the way he gets transition going have to think he starts going forward.
  11. We do have several JUCO/transfers making an impact on the roster now. I suspect if Covid had hit during our Thompson/Fields run we would have had a number of top transfers come to Albany. I couldn't even guess why Rutgers has become a top landing spot for so many players, other than playing in the Big 10. OCC will probably be our top pipeline for JUCO transfers, and I never heard if the coaching staff actively scours the top JUCO programs, and not sure what the hit rate is of guys moving from JUCO to Div I.
  12. Well said. We have all been waiting to see that sort of fire from the team and the coaches. I talked with a few of them at the tailgate and you saw a definite positive feeling. A win will do that, but I got the sense as you said that whatever personnel adjustments that were made as well as how we are playing offense and defense have given them more confidence.
  13. Definitely more of a Dane Train sort of effort. We don't have the offensive firepower, but if they play that hard the rest of the way they can still grab a tournament spot by winning the AE tournament. Can Bingo be the team to beat?
  14. Hard to say if Scott has lost the fire or not. As I have said many times I believe he has the job as long as he wants it. From my vantage point during the recruiting process and while we were part of the team, Coach Marr is a big time delegator and relies upon his assistants more than a lot of coaches as well as strong senior leadership. I think Scott needs to reevaluate his commitment level, and surround himself with a staff that complements his strengths and weaknesses.
  15. You lost me on one part of your post. I have said that I thought at the tail end of our time with the program that at least from my perspective I saw this coming, and it started when TD left the program. I agree with everything you said, and in the recent fund raising letter, Marr was praising the defense which again was lackluster at best.
  16. I was hoping that the Maryland loss would fire everybody up, but wow I can't believe how rock bottom things are now. I have been sounding the alarm bell for awhile now, and hoped I would be wrong, but this is just sad and extremely disappointing. The program has been lost for several years IMO, and the chickens have unfortunately come home to roost. Time for a complete overhaul.
  17. This is when the rubber meets the road. The AE is a total crapshoot at this point, and with Stony Brook still unable to play in the AE tournament, it is all about winning AE games, and getting better. I understand from one of my last dad's on the team, there was a lot of challenging going on this week. Coaches challenging players and vice versa, in a good way, so let's see if they come out like the rest of the season rests with a victory and as important improved play against Bingo.
  18. Not to pile on too much, but a quote from Coach Marr “I think we certainly have to regroup,” Marr said. “I told the boys after the game we all have to look in the mirror, including myself, and figure out what we’re going to do and how we’re going to approach next week with spring break. We’ve done a lot of different things since the spring, changed our system two or three times … We have to go back to the drawing board a little bit.”
  19. Well said. It's long past time to find the best defensive coordinator/recruiter possible and if it is an alum great, but time to expand who is on the staff.
  20. I can't speak to Gattuso or Brown, but my impression is/was that Scott gets to call all of his shots with minimal to no interference from the AD. However, there is no about UA's facilities are not where they need to be in terms of having an on campus indoor facility, team nutrition, and a few other things, but that is probably more about life at a SUNY school. I am not sure what Benson could do, but it feels like the University missed an opportunity with the great 5-6 year run of improving the facilities and athletic coffers. There are too many high school players chasing a limited amount of slots so when it comes to lacrosse I think this is more about the coaching staff, how they train and prepare, recruiting, etc., than the AD.
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