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  1. Panic may be a poor word choice, but it just seems like an odd way to manage the position and I think I said panic, because even in the fall games, when it is all about improving and seeing what you have, the coaches gave the fogo's little to no rope. The video from Maryland is usually like watching ants it is so bad, and it sounded like it wasn't great, but I may be wrong on Danny, but I don't think he had the chance to get into a rhythm. It takes a time or two to get the ref's cadence, and then to adjust and counter what your opponent is doing. Four face offs over the course of a game just doesn't seem like the best way to figure out if you have to jump from your FOGO to facing off with poles. I guess that is why I used the word panic.
  2. The freshmen took 3-4 I am guessing. He was getting in on the clamp. I think poles took around 20 in total. The other problem is that they are losing confidence and know if they don’t win they are getting yanked.
  3. I tend to agree with you but hard to say when you don’t give them a real opportunity. Panic mode sets in and they go straight to the pole.
  4. Luke, appreciate your comments and I mean that with total sincerity. This venue is a way for many of us to vent, regardless of our affiliation, and if anyone had been at the game yesterday everyone's ears would have been burning. Not snide comments directed at the coaches or any players, but many of the sentiments I read from the in game comments from other posters were being expressed in real time. Whether or not the comments are correct, partially correct, or totally off base, the stats are what the stats are. In his own very professional way, even Mike at the home broadcasts has highlighted a lot of this. I did watch the replay and the LSN commentator talked about the hedging on defense which was creating offense for UMass. That is what I was referring to in how Perla was getting beat up about last year by many posters. Kunz appears to be playing that defensive role this year, and he is being asked to do a lot, and while trying to do a lot he is often caught out of position. Both are and were very, very good players being asked to do a very difficult thing. And no I am not related to either Matt or Stephen, but have a ton of respect for their games. To allay you fears, I never talk with any of the boys about anything lacrosse related other than supporting them and the team with food and a loud supporting voice from the stands. I am also not one of those parents who communicates, talks, or pats on the back any of the coaches. You are correct that does happen. As I am sure you can appreciate all of the players need to stand or fall on their own efforts and merits. It appears some guys got comfortable with things, and I for one am happy to see many of the freshmen seeing early playing time. If you have read anything I have written I was an early advocate for some of them to play early and they would be integral to the success of the team going forward.
  5. It is always disappointing to see how fast things can unravel. This team looked like it had a lot of potential and some unfortunate injuries.
  6. Hey Luke - sorry you feel that way. I don't call out players like many on this forum. What I have said is that I don't like players being put in positions where they can't play to their potential. What do you disagree with? In fact I was defending a player who was getting ripped because I don't think the poster understands what the player is being asked to do. This team has not been prepared to play. I am not sure how you can dispute this? We don't play good team defense, we don't face off well, we are not good at ground balls, and our man up offense isn't very good either. I don't say player X is horrible, or anything remotely like that.
  7. I've said it before, and it probably isn't popular, this is a poorly coached team. Just look at how a player disappears and doesn't see the field one game and is in on the first or second rotation the next game? There is just about zero accountability for certain players. Seeing the same mistakes, over, and over, and over again. That is the on the coaches. The defensive philosophy or lack therefor is horrible. I know a lot of people are banging on Kunz, but a lot of what you guys are seeing is how he is being asked to play. It was the same with Perla last year. It was horrible live, and I am not sure I can stomach watching it if LSN archives games.
  8. Poor ball movement and never get the defense rotating. That's why I made the earlier comment about this team being very susceptible to a zone. I would zone us all day long.
  9. I guess I am not seeing what the rest of you are seeing. I even went back and watched the game again. Harvard puts up 14 against us, and only 8 against Holy Cross and 10 against UMass. That isn't a great trend for us. I think the offense is starting to find its way, but I am still confused by what we are doing on defense and man down. I don't know what to make of UMass, but the real test will be on Saturday against Maryland.
  10. I took a few notes on the replay. - as far as the transition of the face off. I understand one of the knocks on Altamari in the past was his fitness and ability to take multiple face offs without wearing down. On just about every transition take a look at where the wings were. They were on the offensive side of midfield which totally opened up the fast break opportunities. Especially look at the play of the LSM's on the face offs. There were often out of position and not in a position to impact Harvard's transition opportunities. - McComber. No idea but did see Swingruber on the field and Eccles who hadn't played any until the last two games. The bigger mystery to me is Ramierez. He is the one middle who can consistently beat his man on a dodge and get the defense rotating. I don't think he got on the field yesterday. Like HOF, I like seeing more bodies in the midfield as they are productive. It looks like Burgmaster is still not 100% and hopefully he continues to heal, because he does have a cannon for an outside shot. Diamond and Yunker - I like to see Diamond still getting some time. Yunker finally changed levels in front of the cage and Davis needs to start finishing his opportunities, but I like seeing him in the mix. Schwab - I don't think he played yesterday. I saw someone on crutches on the sideline and don't know if that was him or not. I wasn't able to stay for the tailgate so didn't get a chance to socialize after the game. The offense is starting to get its act together. After a bit of a shaky start, Patterson really started to play great and you could see him moving better and better as the game went along and he was able to do a couple of really nice finalizers behind the cage to shake free and get the Harvard defense spinning. This could be the most well balanced offense Albany has ever had. No Thomson or Fields, but the combination of Tehoka, Patterson, Yunker, Hogg, John, Casey, and one other threat can be a very potent offensive group. I think the missing part is a middle who can effectively dodge the alley. I still think we are very vulnerable to a zone defense. Goalie play - I never have a problem with a coach pulling a player, especially a goalie for a mental health check, but the stat line and the reality yesterday were not the same. I know more about what is going on with the other side of the field, but if you pull the goalie and if nothing is getting addressed with the close defense and LSM play then something is horribly wrong. Fortunately we didn't have to play a ton of 6 v 6 defense, and when we did because of a great 10 man ride, Harvard rarely had a lot of time to run their offense. I think the biggest improvement and kudos to someone, was in the play of the defensive middie play. It wasn't an immediate beat on the alley dodge. That was a massive improvement. I think Kozar is playing lights out for the most part. It looks like Kunz is playing the role of the defender in the crease who has to cover up mistakes, and be the QB of sorts of the defense. From what I understand from how they try to play, that is a very tough position to play and will often times make it look like he is out of position. It is pretty clear after three games that Kozar is going to lock up on their number one offensive player. Like you I don't understand what is going on with the third defensive position. Hay just doesn't seem to play defense, and I still haven't seen anyone say if you try to get in front of my goalie I am going to put you on your rear end. Filipowski seems to still be playing with a knee brace so maybe that is why he isn't getting a shot, but if that is the case, and mobility is an issue, then why would the roll him out on the man down unit when you need to be moving and rotating?
  11. You are right if a defender or goalie never got beat then no one would ever score. The problem with the defense is that it isn't getting better and the same mistakes are happening over and over again. Our announcers do a nice job, and as the home team guys they are on the gentle side when it comes to critiquing players, but when they are saying the same thing week after week, and it isn't getting addressed then it makes you wonder what is going on. Lots of guys, which I like, are getting in the mix on offense. I know you what continuity on defense, and I don't know if it is the scheme or the personnel, but it isn't getting it done on defense.
  12. As far as McComber goes I really don't know. I think it was the Cornell game and he took one ill advised shot, was pulled and never to be seen from again. There seem to be some players who have no leash and others who have very, very long leashes.
  13. Spot on. Just saw the game is on demand now and am watching it. I'll just bite my tongue and agree with just about everything you have said, especially regarding the coaching and inability to make in-game adjustments.
  14. I'll need to watch the replay later, but my gut reaction with the exception of maybe one or at most two goals, Nate got hung out to dry by the defense and stood on his head a the end of the game to cover up other defensive blunders.
  15. There is more parity than ever, and while an elite FOGO and goalie can tilt the field; coaching, scheme, and conditioning/player effort is so important.
  16. That was a mistake - Drexel was not ranked. Their only game was against High Point which looked like an OK loss, but High Point got throttled by Cornell worse than we did.
  17. The reason I would say it was a bit of a gift is that despite competing against a solid FOGO we still got killed on ground balls, especially one's around our goal. If you go back and watch the replay, there were 4-5 transition opportunities late in the game where the defense failed to hustle back into the hole where Drexel had very high percentage scoring opportunities and didn't cash in on any of them.
  18. I thought it was a pretty well played game live, but after I watched the replay today I definitely felt we got away with one. Down the stretch Drexel had 4-5 opportunities where the defense was not hustling to get back and they had very makable transition opportunities. On one of them Kozar made a nice play and got his stick in the way and disrupted one, Siekerisi while he didn't have a great day stole one, and the other they just flat threw the ball away. I was very happy to see the influx of defensive middies. That will pay dividends in the future. I was happy to see the coaches realize that Yunker needs to be starting. I think the defense will improve as the bigger defensive middies get their feet wet and mesh with the four long poles. The overall hustle on defense needs to improve and someone needs to start owning the crease. Too much happy stick checks and not enough body. I like working in some of the freshmen. That will be valuable down the road, but a little too much of that when their are experience guys who can play and deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  19. I believe it was Fingar who had the rough day. I want to say he got beat at least three times, and Schwab was probably once. The defense got a lot of gifts. The goals against don't reflect the quality of the team defense. Siekerski didn't have a great game, but he stole a few when we had total breakdowns. Drexel at least 4-5 transition opportunities. Very happy for the boys to get the win, but Drexel handed that one to us with a bow on it.
  20. Rarely disagree with your takes, but have to on this one. IMO Kozar is probably our most solid man on defender. Both of the freshmen had so so days at best, and once again one of the other starters refuses to ever body up. I have high hopes both Pepe and Piseno, but after what I have seen with real bullets flying, both are getting way, way too much time on the field. Filipowski and Barrow have earned the advantage over both of them \.
  21. Our seats are right behind our bench and when it looked like Yunker was gong to lose the ball Marr ran out and called a timeout about a second or two before he was able to get the shot off.
  22. It was a pretty decent day weather wise. Late in the game the sun did seem to cause a few turnovers, especially when Drexel had a couple of clean breaks and I think one of our late turnover was due to the sun.
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