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  1. Only one I know about is Siena on the 25th, and no Colgate this year.
  2. Danes get a nice flip from Ohio State - Danes are reloading and the next 3-5 years look to be back on the upswing. Joey Pezziminti Attack 2020 FWIW IL has him ranked as the 70th player in his class.
  3. I would agree with that. In the fall games he was aggressive when it called for it and was more of a feeder. I only wish that Patterson had been able to play in the fall to build on the chemistry. Should be a lot more offensive firepower this year, but shooting efficiency from the midfield still needs to be a big off season priority. My early prediction is a nice bounce back season, but I still think the Danes are a year away from a return to top tier. I think the Danes are a legit 15-20 this year, and possibly a bit better if they figure out the face off situation.
  4. Thanks for posting. There was a guy sitting on the field taking notes during the first half of the game against Army so that must have been the guy who wrote this. The main point from the article which is really accurate is when Marr says the team is ahead of where they were last year. I would say it isn't even close. I guess the big message last weekend was compete, and they did.
  5. The one time Casey got a good look, planted his feed and shot it overhand he burried it. I hope we see more of that.
  6. No idea what the nature of the injuries are to the the freshmen. As I said Skidders appeared to be favoring an ankle. Just walking around the other two guys seemed find so maybe upper body??? The freshmen FOGO did get some work, and at least against real competition he was no better than 2nd or 3rd. As I said in an earlier post Altamari barely got any work. I am guessing no more than five over both games, but I could be wrong. Jones did a great job winning the draw against Army, but once again was a bit careless with the ball a few times. The freshman is the more athletic of the three IMO, but at least right now he definitely is not an immediate upgrade. Fingar and LaPietro look like Big 10 or ACC middies. They have a lot of upside and we haven't had two middies like that since Osika. Hogg was pretty impressive as well, and will push a few guys.
  7. I didn't ask about what was wrong, but of the three, only Skidders seemed to be favoring anything. I don't know what is going on with Ron John or the knee brace on Fillipowski. Davis played a decent amount, and played well, but with a healthy Patterson don't see how he jumps into the top 4-5. Yunker played really well as the recipient of feeds from Tehoka. Casey is interesting. He had some nice feeds from behind the cage to guys cutting towards the goal. All of a sudden there is a some really good depth. The one thing when you watch Penn play that I don't think we have is that outside sniper who can stretch a defense. Burgmaster definitely has that potential, but overall we are just a so so shooting team from the midfield. A few other tidbits I picked up. If anyone saw the fall games last year, Albany got man handled, especially by Army. It was an accurate preview of a pretty down year. I don't want to read too much into two games in October, but the one thing that stood out in both games is that the Danes competed and looked the part this fall. The face off situation is still a concern, because once again the coaches went straight to long poles when the FOGO's lost one or two. The poles I have seen between Barrow, Weathersby, and Piseno have been effective when used, but just way too often IMO. The physical nature of practice has also picked up. A lot more running and physical practices and the team was tired coming into the games and still played very tough. Penn should be a pre season top 5 team, and I think if our starting goalie had played it would have been a very close game.
  8. I feel confident in saying this year’s team will be significantly better than last year. We were missing three first line guys - Patterson, Ron John, and Alex Burgmaster and three freshmen I wanted to see - Skidder’s, Seneca, and Noah. I am not sure if there is a Connor Fields in this class, but this is easily the deepest class in quite some time. The early star of the class is Pinseo. He is already a force and will be a huge upgrade in the middle of the field even as a freshmen. He and Barrow will be a nice tandem at LSM. There are 2-3 nice middies and Hogg started at attacked and played well. Last year Army physically dominated the Danes from the opening whistle. We won the game by a goal or two and handled Army’s physical play. Face off’s were pretty good in that game. Jones took the bulk of them and won, but occasionally had issues with the ball or getting rid of it. Nate was very solid on goal. i am guessing Filipowski is injured. He had a brace on, didn’t play much against Army but played more as the day wore on. When things got sloppy transition defense was poor, but overall the D looked good. It looks like 5 guys are fighting over the top 3 spots and there is quality freshmen depth. Penn was really good and it was 0-5 before you could bat an eye. The freshmen goalie played most of that game and he got rocked. Our FOGOS took very few face offs and it was several long poles. We all thought that was crazy. Altamari it seems has all but been written off. I think the final was 15 or 16 to 20 with the younger guys playing most of the last quarter. Tehoka played really well. He looks like a different guy. Assuming everyone is healthy this is what I think it looks like Attack - Tehoka, Patterson, Yunker, Casey Hogg, McComber O Middies - Ron John, Burgmaster, schwab, Ramirez D middies - Bradley, Fingar, LaPietro although both of the freshmen are definitely two way guys LSM - Barrow and Piseno FOGO - Jones Defense - Kunz, Kozar, Filipowski, Hay, Weathersby Goalie - Siekierski, Ramos
  9. The current team had more guys in sweats than what I heard going into the game. Jones was hurt. I am pretty sure the other guy taking face offs was Altamari, and then Weathersby took a few in the 4th quarter and won all of them. I don't know what Jones's injury is. I will be more interested in seeing how the face off situation works next week. Without Patterson and Nanticoke being able to work together now it is hard to say how the offense will work but the big question mark again is going to be midfield scoring IMO. Agree with you on Hay, He is nice in transition, but doesn't really play any defense. He is one of the guys who has to get in the weight room. He has a great stick for sure. The freshmen poles were in during that big run and got a big welcome to the big leagues. It was more of a fun evening so will watch next week's game with a more critical eye.
  10. I am pretty sure the game is at 8pm on Friday night and the alumni golf tournament is on Saturday. I would imagine the alumni roster is pretty fluid right up to the last minute, but agree given our great list of alums, it would be nice to make a bigger deal out of the day for sure.
  11. Just got the Penn schedule. Playing Army and Penn on the 12th.
  12. I saw that women's tweet as well and not sure how that could be correct. I don't know the number of competition dates the women get, but I am pretty sure it is 17 for the men. The Fall bay day counts as one day, usually two scrimmages in the preseason (last year 3) and then 13-14 games to get to the seventeen competition days. Nothing new in fall as far as I know other than the alumni game on the 4th and the scrimmages the following week. Only thing I have heard recently about the team is that the atmosphere already feels better than last year. Only negative is that it was apparent who worked and who didn't over the summer. Some guys who needed to hit the weights over the summer didn't, but Tehoka looks much, much fitter. I have heard a few guys are nicked up and being held out, but as far as I know nothing serious. I have not heard anything out of the ordinary about any of the new guys, but I haven't really asked so have nothing of value to add on that front.
  13. The roster while improved and earlier than usual is still FUD. We know Yaquinto is at Jacksonville, and Smith is no longer on the team as well.
  14. I think everyone will like one of the heretofore missing faces on the roster page, but it still isn't right.
  15. I was just looking at the roster to see if it had been updated, and just realized that Cavallo is no longer listed on the roster. He was another one of those guys who I thought may have gotten more of an opportunity, and he had a few nice man up goals last season, but looks like he has left the program.
  16. Coach Marr on LSN https://www.laxsportsnetwork.com/videos/scott-marr-u-albanys-man-at-the-top more about recent alums and the PLL in Albany last week.
  17. Yagquinto is at Jacksonville. As far as I know Altamari wasn't leaving, but I didn't ask about him. He clearly was deep in the dog house at the end of the season having gone from starting in the opener to not playing at all by the end of the season. Aidan Conlon is off the roster and someone else who was also supposed to be leaving is still on the roster, and with Yaquinto still on it I am guessing as someone said earlier it is still getting updated. Don't have any info on the the MIA incoming freshmen, but I will see what I can find out.
  18. Main reason is the Carrier Dome is going to get a remodel. The game is usually when we play Cornell so will be interesting to see how the schedule shifts.
  19. As far as I know. I was at the game last night, and didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. A lot of guys looks bigger, and fitter.
  20. Fall Alumni game is set for October 4th and fall ball is against Hopkins, West Point, and Penn the next weekend in Philadelphia.
  21. I haven't seen the guys coming in live so can't add any value on there. Jones is a very technically sound FOGO. Hopefully he has worked on his strength and conditioning this summer, and especially his explosiveness to get into space. As we saw, his issue was what he did once he had the ball. No idea what in the world happened with Altamari. He went from being the starter at Syracuse to being behind a freshmen taking face off's with a pole.
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