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  1. Need I say it again. Pole leaves his man and another UMass goal!
  2. More ball watching and poor slides leads to yet another goal and still no defensive adjustments
  3. That is 2-3 Ron John has forced - have to put him on the bench
  4. IMO, no. I thought this would be a reset year to some degree, but there is no continuity game to game. You can see panic decisions by the coaches already. No accountability for poor decision making. I could say more, but I won't.
  5. Perla got bailed out on another terrible slide by a poor UMass pass
  6. How do you go immediately to conceding the face off and not at lest seeing what Altamari can do?
  7. If Marr/Maloney doesn't bench someone after that slide then we deserve to get blown out
  8. Siekierski 9 saves at half. Two of his goals were on man up and then the golf shot the UMass guy made from the scrum.
  9. Makes no sense - Yunker playing solid, all of a sudden disappears and McComber is playing who hasn't done anything. Constant revolving door after the team puts up 16 on Cornell, but we did have the ball a lot. Not so much today and the UMass goalie is hot and getting into their head. Siekierski bailing out the defense. We'll see what if any adjustments Marr makes at halftime.
  10. Silver lining is that we couldn't have played much worse, both goalies pretty hot and only down 2.
  11. i am not ready to go there, but said early on this would be Marr's biggest coaching challenge in recent memory and so far not a passing grade IMO
  12. Marr needs to find some kids who want to sell out and play some lacrosse.
  13. Completely different offensive unit- how do you get any cohesion??
  14. That was a pitiful first quarter. Thank goodness Nate was seeing the ball or it could have been 6-1. The good news we played like poop and only down 3-1.
  15. I'll take a stab at it. First of all I think Dhluy and Filiipowski are having solid years. I don't see anything radically different between what Gleason was doing and what Maloney is doing as a defensive coordinator. They both have the separate man down unit, and the sliding packages last year seemed helter skelter as well, but this year seems a bit worse. I didn't catch Marr on the radio today, but I heard he said something about lack of execution on defense. Ball watching, not having your head on a swivel, knowing that Teat is a feeder and that you can't slide to him isn't execution in my book. I don't think the other two guys who are playing a lot of close defense minutes are doing a poor job on their one on one assignments either. In fact I would probably lean to say they are doing a pretty good job, but the collective team defense is a mess, especially against teams who move the ball well. We fair better against teams that try more direct dodging and try to beat you one on one. If the plan is to play the four guys who are currently playing it seems we need to simplify things, because what they are being asked to do just isn't working, but the biggest issue continues to be LSM and SSDM defense. Look at the scoring in the Syracuse and Cornell game.
  16. I've never heard Roger ask a tough lacrosse question. Kelly from the Gazette has the best coverage of the team, but I am sure they will keep the specifics internal.
  17. Back from the game. I was very proud of the way the offense fought back to get us into the game. Jones had a really good effort at the face off. Cornell is a very talented offensive team, but we were all pulling our hair out in the stands with what was going on the defense. I am about to rewatch the game, but I bet at least half of Cornell's goals were from us giving them easy shots, and not from us losing our one on one match ups.
  18. Pre game tailgate. Don't know any details other than what some of the parents were saying.
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