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  1. Pretty poor 1st Q............ Wind caused Jeff to make bad throws and the D not doing it. No Pressure on pass plays.
  2. Delaware beat them 37-0 . https://bangordailynews.com/2021/03/06/sports/umaine-sports/delaware-dominates-umaine-in-caa-football-opener/
  3. Actually I think we all agree. I don't like the constant running the inside gaps - especially when it's not working. I was yelling that at my computer. Misdirection or off tackle or even outside the tackle. They did finally pitch outside and he got a few more yards. Trying to get the shorts yards and pull the DB's in a little. Been a complaint for several years. Gotta be in the game plan. I just don't like it.
  4. Although the rule doesn't read that way for an attempted punt [at least not anything I could find in re-reading the punting rule several times] and I have never seen the rule applied this way you are probably correct. I always thought the rule is meant to be used when a random player kicks the ball - not sure it was meant for the punter who is attempting to kick the ball. But like I said and as we all saw looking at it that way it was a correct call. Could have hurt big time.
  5. Hard to read them this early - only lost by 4 to Syracuse?? What does that mean? Syracuse was pounded by Army but came back with a big win over VA, 20 - 10, Va beat Army big???? Who knows what any of it means!
  6. You can cancel after the spring season BUT remember for a year you can see fall season games too - away games if the allow spectators.
  7. Can't disagree on run game. They are still searching for chemistry. Looked much better in the second 1/2. We were up by 10 with a couple of big mistakes - coaches almost blew it. I would never try to run out the clock with 8 min or even 6. HAVE to get two - three first downs with 8 minutes, and at least 2 with 6 minutes. Nuff said about that. Remember we gave up a blocked punt for TD. I do not blame the punter at all for the kick at the end of the game. He was just trying to get the ball out. After so many years in FB I had never heard of that rule. Tried to search for it today and could not find anything definitive on it being an illegal kick [which it obviously was]. The defense stood tall!!
  8. Many of the guys are young. I expect improvement. Young guys look very good - defense has been good. Trying to compare one team to another, in a totally different situation is a waste of time in my mind. You have to paly with the kids on the team. They are starting to come together - they looked better today after that sluggish first 1/4.
  9. Just like last week. Gotta come out crisper against Stoney Brook and VT and, well, Syracuse!!
  10. Way to many attack to get them all in. Most of them played today though. Lots of freshman and sophomores in the game. Some sloppy passing again, need more ground balls, face-off?? - got better in the 4th Q. Several hat tricks. Over-all pretty good. Gonna have to be much more aggressive, especially at Stoney Brook and VT and Syracuse. And need much crisper passing. Only the second game so not really a concern yet. Still building that Chemistry. Some guys still out, Pepe - injuries? Gash looks good on Def. in front of the net and that fast break was cool!
  11. Kinda looks like last week's game, out flat, turnovers, bad shots, bad passes. Some positives though.
  12. YEP! And Donnelly - what a job in the net. Those long shots through traffic are difficult to see, hard to blame him for that one.
  13. What's the deal with faceoffs today? Endres and Altimari both not winning!! The Hartford kid has won 4 or 5 in a row And Kuntz gets beat as soon as he comes in the game!!!!!!
  14. Click on the link given by ALalum72 -works fine. Came out slow just like last week, unforced turnovers bad shots etc. Love Donnaelly in goal. Doing another GREAT job!
  15. What the hell. It says ESPN+ on the U Albany site so I bought a subscription.....if it is really on AE TV I'll just cancel the subscription! Well that sucks, I have a one month subscription for nothing... I went to the U Albany schedule to get the sub. - another screw up by them or a change??? Oh well at least I'll see th egame
  16. So this is on ESPN+ - subscription ESPN??? So I did it but the game does not show up on the ESPN+ schedule!!!!!!!!!
  17. Like I said - the Off coach. He always gets conservative rather than going for the kill shot
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