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  1. A reflection on attendance, the difference from last week was easily noticeable. 6800 vs. 3800 .... Few students on the berm .... Or elsewhere ....tougher tailgating rules...let's see how attendance is with Richmond .. No easy answers when it comes to the Capital District and UAlbany fans
  2. I will be watching G G .. I hope he is more engaged with team during the game... Spent too much time on the headphones
  3. Wish I felt as confident as UA...72 ... Thinking St Francis is looking to finish with a win this weekend... Albany has to play a lot better
  4. AD Benson knows our concerns. He witnessed the game, he walked among the players. Mark saw the disappointment in the stands. Problem: he knows that we are stuck with Greg for a couple more years. Changing head coaches doesn't always work out. Recruitment is the key however; recruitment is not likely to improve under the current situation, no easy answers.
  5. One play made the difference from being 0 - 3. The prospect of a winning season has dimmed considerably...lots of second guessing by the coach...assistant coaches looking a little loss
  6. I am looking forward to the game for the opportunity to see how the team and coaches interact. Watching to see how "GG" and his assistant coaches interact.
  7. I saw my first UALBANY football game in 1970, rarely have I have questioned the investment in my football tickets as I have now. I feel "smoked"....hope things turn around or I am likely downsizing next season.
  8. I have realized UAlbany has allowed more points in the first two games in 2018 than the first four games in 2017.
  9. This may sound silly however things sometimes mysteriously turn around. My expectations are that will see some fireworks going off on the sidelines like last year when something goes horribly wrong.
  10. My thoughts: moving forward what steps - player decisions "GG" makes this week to correct the short-comings of the defense could have an impact not only on this season but for seasons to come. These two non conference games are important to establishing good play patterns in particular defense. I wished "GG" just stated our defense was not up to the task and as coach I take the blame for that. I am concern about our future conference opponents....we could be at the bottom of the CAA.
  11. A D Benson mentioned the FIeld Club at the meet & greet; his description was was off except for the price and two beers .... Did not sound like came with a view of the field ... Best view in the house .... Ok guys what are you saying to the fans in the gold seats...who forked over "big" bucks....
  12. September 2021... 40th anniversary of my first football game in the Dome memories
  13. Cut down on the penalties, establish a running game ... Do not give up long pass plays... Get a few sacks by the defense ... Sounds like a game plan
  14. 2018 Graduate Shannon Mackesey from the women's lacrosse team was named Graduate Assistant Coach at Saint Bonaventure....handling defense plus recruiting duties for the Capital District and Western Massachusetts
  15. Time for better heading for everyone's comments ....
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