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stadium and athletic upgrade info anyone?


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I imagine that there will not be any sort of "public" gathering (i.e. as you said with media involvement) for quite a while.


You have to remember that they are still in the planning stages.


So the department could come up with a plan, present it to the President and other campus decision-makers, and they could say yes, no, maybe, alter this or that, I don't like it start over, what else do you have, we don't have the money, or some combination of the above.


Plus it's always a very long process - you develop a plan, then you have to do a feasability study (drainage, electrical, safety, traffic, water, etc.) which can take a while. All the while you're looking for the money and developing potential timelines.


I don't think they would want to announce anything to the media prior to it really getting ready to move forward, when it's fully or partially funded and there is a plan in place for the rest of the money. Then you're setting yourself up for a big letdown if something goes wrong and the money doesn't come through.


That's my sense of it. Anything they say I think would be of a "what-if" fundraising potential sort of nature in my opinion. "Here is the plan that the company gave us, these are some of the benefits, this is what we would like to do ideally, but we're going to need your help to get this done and pushed through with a substantial private investment to convince the university, state and city to kick in their share".


(versus "here is the plan that we are going to do over the next 10 years", only to have it get changed or nixed by the administration)

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If the RACC parking lot is more than 130 yards long (120 yards of playing room plus 5 yards cushion in the backs of the endzones) then yes, you could do a stadium. That's just a guess on the cushioning you'd need beyond an endzone, so say 140 yards long. I think it's at least that long, if not longer.


People always think of a bowl like a pro stadium, but really you'd have probably just two sides with walls on either end to prevent entry. You could even start with bleachers on just one side of the stadium, leaving room to expand on the other.


As for the temporary president, that is why I say they won't make a huge announcement til it's all shored up. I think you could definitely start something under an interim president, because many, many other people would have to be involved. It's not like them waving a wand as president. You have to think there is a board of trustees, plus state-level involvement, and the SUNY chancellor. If they all gave their blessings on a certain project, the new president would just inherit the effort.


But they're still planning as far as anyone knows, maybe fundraising (although no one has said they've been contacted for money re: this project). so at this point its really all a dream until funding is put in place and timetables, etc. A little more than a dream, mind you, but still not quite reality.

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