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School website....always behind the times!


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PS - SBU's site blows. Oh wow, a FansOnly site. It looks exactly like all the rest! They really stand out! Awesome, how can we get in on that?!?


If you're going to compare to anything, compare to Northeastern. At least strive to be the best. Someone call up Northeastern and find out how much they pay their guy, or company, whichever the case may be. Then 96's web site fund will have a goal to reach.

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Actually, again, you do not read D2k...I said we should go to the computer department and have students do a project. Why do you care....you don't work at UA anymore and aren't even living in NYS. For your information, I work for a top defense (commercial) firm with offices located in Boston, Providence, NJ, D.C., NY and Connecticut. I bartend to blow off steam and to make some extra cake.

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Again, for the impaired, I SAID ALL OF THE AE.....go to every site. Vermont....has hockey (higher $$$ cost than football at our level). Hartford, with zero funding....has a website better than ours. You know what....who cares what your hard on with Fans Only is....the site content for SBU is better than UA. Check out newcomer UMBC. How about UNH....or even UMAINE. Even our ragtag associate member the "Q" has a better content site. STOP MAKING EXCUSES....we are DI...end of freaking story. This is something, as others alluded to, that is our first contact with most fans, opponents, recruits, casual browsers of the UNIVERSITY. If you knew half as much about marketing as you claim to know, you would understand that our school ranks DEAD LAST in the most important form of media these days....OUR WEBSITE.

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My point was, you feel so strongly about this that you're ranting and raving on a message board, which carries no weight at all.


Let's look at this issue objectively. No need for personal attacks.


I didn't ignore you when you said the CS department should design a new web site. It actually didn't make that much sense to me, since the point of your posts was that the INFORMATION isn't there. I'm sure that the athletics department can make new web pages, they do it all the time. Making a new page isn't hard.


However, to put biographies online for up to 400 student-athletes (my guesstimate) appears more of a time and manpower issue, as other posters addressed here.


A common complaint on the board is that the information is inaccurate or out of date. So if you're complaining that the schedules or photos on the "meet the great danes" pages aren't updated, imagine what you're going to sound like when 400 athlete pages aren't updated on time, according to when you feel they should be updated.


Basically, if you look at the pages up there now, there are 19 sports. If you figure a main page, roster, the stories (which appear to be on one page based on the scrolling of the stories down the page), statistics, coaches page for each sport (the rest don't need updating much), that is 19 x 5 pages = 95 pages that need updating. Add the static front page, stories, the departmental pages (the links on the side of the front site), and I would guess about 150 pages total right now.


Now you're going to add up to 400 player pages, effectively increasing the size of the site and pages that need to be updated by 133% (or 233% of the original size, whichever way you prefer to look at it).


Now of course other schools do it, but they pay FansOnly between $5,000 and $15,000 per year for the service. You can call for a rate quote, and they have basic packages for which those are the rough costs.


Therefore, money is necessary to fund your proposal. So set up a fund, is my suggestion.


Talking about it on the message board isn't going to make the situation improve, but if a dedicated group of alumni and fans were willing to commit money to the issue to attempt to make it happen, then that might carry some actual weight.


That is my constructive criticism and actual suggestion. I'll wait to see if its followed with a personal attack, or an actual suggestion/reply.

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Longtime lurkur, first time posta.


What a bunch of freaks on this board. Maybe we should just set up a boxing match for those pusses and get it over with.


UA's site shoudl have player profiles, but it also shouldn't matter - if you're a real fan or you know some players, you can get a media guide and read them there. I dontreally need to read about a player online cause Im gonna see them at the games and find out what I need to know there.


If anyones up on Indian quad, stop by and have a brewski. Im gonna try to make more games this year since i didnt do a very good job last year of getting down there . sell some beers and id go a lot more. na mean?

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Honestly, I hear you D2k....maybe Journalism students can get involved...we do have a pretty good program and this is right up the alley of journalism. I understand we have manpower issues but not all our AE bretheren are FansOnly sites.


As for Brindle and Danefan: I am not sure if it is a campus or SUNY decision regarding liquor. I do know those of age can have I believe 2 cases at any given time. I remember for one of the homecomings (I think it was my last year) they allowed beer balls. Either way, even at BC they dont allow anything but cans or bottles. You even have to have a gas grill....no charcoal. The fan support is going to take time....we need to build a following.


As for the website, sorry, gotta disagree Brindle....recruits look at that stuff. It is a petty recruiting world. Their friends may say "damn....they don't even promote their players....man, go to Vermont." As silly as it sounds, it is impt.

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