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I have been traveling on business and have not been able to post in a couple of weeks. I believe for the first time in memory an Albany team has layed down and quit! The loss to RMC was inexcusable. They are an average team who was beaten by both Wagner and a average Sacred Heart team. Its an absolute disgrace. They could of also beaten Central and would of had a better mindset against them had they prevailed against RMC. Water under the bridge.




NEED an offense that can run and PASS. Develope one of these younger qb's because Delgado is not the answer. They get Wall back next season and he would of been great to have and probably would of taken over a game or two if healthy. The rest of these kids this year couldn't catch a cold. Maybe with a qb that can throw there will be a difference. Sciarra being gone hurt them more then you think. He was a better passer then Bazan and Nicky could of strictly been a rb.


NEED to shore up the secondary. For too long our db's have been getting beat on huge pass plays. I know they missed alot of assignments and were aligned wrong....thats a coaching error...FIX IT!



NEED a schedule that is conducive to our talent level. Delaware, Northeastern, Montana, Hofstra, and Lehigh should not even been considered until we are ready for them. If and when scholarship football arrives thats a different story. Cornell, Brown, Fordham, and Holy Cross would be fine. I'd rather see them play 10 games as opposed to 11 with these teams. Schedule Pioneer league games with Jacksonville, Wagner, and Dayton if the MAAC is too gutless to schedule us.


The bright spots are that Albany is young and talented and just needs to be developed. I believe they lose 6 guys that are major losses. Bazan, Kryzack, Campbell, Kurtz, Gudmundson, and Wilson.


With a resonable schedule we should of been 7-4. Assuming we lost to RMC, Monmouth, and Central. With games against Iona, Lasalle,and St. Peters we would have been.

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I agree with most of your post.


The biggest concern was the performance of the defense. This was supposed to be a solid group but they gave up big passes all year long. I can certainly accept that playing Hofstra and other higher level teams as they just have better skilled position players, but that should not happen against NEC teams.


The offense turned into a one man show - it's different if that one man is Gary Jones but it wasn't. They need to evolve into a team that can pass the ball effectively to remain competitive.


Sheduling is a concern as it can be emotionally draining to get beat by superior teams on a regular basis. That said, they should have played better in conference.

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Our clock and timeout management was consistently poor this year. I would freak out when nick would call time out in the beginning of the second half, on a first and ten around mid field. It happened several times and came back to bite us several times as well. I suppose if it happens to the Jets, it will happen at this level, but it's still very frustrating.

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I don't know enough about what goes on inside to say this was a team that lay down and quit, but it certainly was a season of "woulda, coulda,shoulda". Just for example in the finale against CCSU if they'd made a couple of those field goals early in the game the clock wouldn't have mattered in the 4th quarter. Or if they'd made three rather than going for a TD on 4th and 8 in the first half...........................


Ah well, on to basketball.

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