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  1. Same pattern we've seen all season. How many games did UA women lead at the half and then lose in the final 2 quarters?
  2. It seems that the UA women's team has lost what little fan following it has had this season. It's a shame how this once dominant program has faltered. How many games have they lost in the second half?? Right now it's hard to see a turnaround in the near future :-(
  3. This sounds very strange. Why would players leave the team with just a few games left, and the potential to go to the NCAA tournament? Coach Abe does not have the reputation for running players off.
  4. Oneonta ? :-/ If we're nostalgic for SUNYAC rivalries let's at least play Potsdam, and have the game in University Gym :-)
  5. Already around 70 people registered, from the list of people who made themselves visible on the registration. I'm registered and ready to go! Already nervous about the game. I remember what it was like in 2007. It's going to be a madhouse ... . My favorite sign from the 2007 game: "I've seen this movie before - we win" here's hoping the for a three-peat to end the trilogy Free Carl Ross ;-0
  6. Well done to Coach Abe and the womens' team. Even though they had to use an improvised line-up due to injuries the team got the job done against 9-2 Sacred Heart. Lowrie, who hasn't seen much action up to today lit it up with 26 points and Megan Craig showed some of her potential to be a game changer. Those of us who are regulars joked about the media time-outs, since the press table was completely barren, unfortunate since it was an entertaining game. Hope more of you will come and support the team when conference play starts, this squad could be poised to surprise AE.
  7. Couldn't agree with you more...again, Mark wrote something positive, something promotion or trying to establish some sort of activity at a UA game. He has written a number of positive articles recently. THAT GUY IS ALRIGHT IN MY BOOK! Just as a heads-up, Mark was also at last night's Niagara vs UA women's basketball game, something rarely seen from other TU staffers. Even if he doesn't always have nice things to say about UA (sometimes the truth hurts), overall he's on our side.
  8. I'm a little worried the malaise is spreading e.g. football second half v Bryant, then Stony Brook :-(
  9. Sad to say but our Great Danes seem to have a history of this, can't put the opponent away and win big. It seems to happen a lot, and going back a long time :-( Just a few days ago we were up by 20 against Navy and barely squeaked out the win.
  10. UA 63 CCSU 35 ! yes, this was football, not basketball ;-) Way to go Great Danes! Keep rollin'
  11. Are you saying 64mil plus an additional 32mil for campus wide projects for a total of 96mil? Did any of the other three flagships get additional funds? $64 mil is operating budget. $33 mil is capital (building) fund Other SUNY Centers also got capital funding in additio to operating budget: Bing - $31 million - Campus wide projects, including exterior building reconstruction. Buffalo - $66 million - Capmus wide projects, including Hayes Hall renovation SBU - $75 million - campus wide projects, including rehab of mechanical systems Now that I'm "emeritus" I don't rea
  12. Well Done to the ladies, and Coach Abe tonight. 62-56 overtime win in the AE opener against UNH. There were moments when it looked like it might slip away, but this team showed resiliency tonight. In spite of foul trouble, some gut-wrenching turn-overs (two posessions in row UA players dribbled off their foot in the waning momentts of regular play), and miseed lay-ups and put-backs, they found a way to win! Hey Dane fans, come out and support your team. This group is going places.
  13. Please Coach Abe, get our ladies back on track :-0
  14. Agreed, this team is playing some fine basketball. So where are the fans? I know the students are gone, but where's the "halo effect" from a great win against S****. You'd think the local alums would all come out to continue their support of an exciting team. If I recall correctly attendance for both CCSU and MSM was under 2000. Go figure?
  15. You might take a look at the endowment levels for each of them. During the Kermit Hall era there was a dashboard chart showing the respective $$ in endowments. I don't have the chart anymore but Albany was the lowest, at under $20M; Buffalo was well over $100M. Buffalo and Bing (aka Harpur) had endowments from before they became part of SUNY. I've heard Stony Brook benefits from having the health center. Albany began as a teachers college. For a longtime SUNY was actively discouraged from seeking funds from alumni. When was the last time you heard of UA getting a donation in the millions?
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