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Albany-Siena Women

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As I post this I understand two things:


1. I should just let this go (but I won't)

2. It's early in the season and these rankings aren't necessarily accurate


I believe earlier this year the folks on the Siena board said we were being paranoid about them not having a women's game this year. If I remember correctly one of them said the Albany women don't belong on the same court as the Siena women's team.


According to the Sagarin ratings




Showing that at least on paper, this would have been an enjoyable, competitive game. Of course we knew that six months ago and so did the Siena staff.

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I absolutely agree, and can without a doubt tell you that the Siena program was afraid of our womens team. I have gotten a chance to broadcast 4 of their games so far this year, and even in their losses, they have done things that are easily fixable.


Even though they dont get to play Siena, coach Patterson has added big name programs such as Syracuse and Virginia to an increasingly tougher out of conference schedule! We dont need to romp Siena to prove we're a good team!

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We dont need to romp Siena to prove we're a good team! - WCDBNuss
Of course we knew that six months ago and so did the Siena staff. - DP


WCDBNuss is correct, but it certainly would help speed the process ... just as with the men (though now challenged with the result of 11/23), the siena girls are the local standard ... UA women will likely continue to get second billing until we pull off a win over the saints at the DI level ... Gina C. is not foolish ... recognized the scouting reports and the PR danger posed by a loss in 04-05 ... time for a stand alone game for the women at the RACC (would easily draw 5K) ... fair is fair when it comes to the home court ... of course, if our leverage has changed, it may be ok to take a larger cut of the gate $ for a double dip downtown

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The Albany area has been a pretty good recruiting area for the Siena women so they are probably trying hard to protect it. Two of their top four scorers this year are local players.


I had thought the Albany-Siena contract was for both teams to play. Apparently it's just for the men and the women do it on a year-by-year basis. From the looks of things this year it seems like they are going to cherry pick when they play, when their team is up (and we're down), they'll play us and when we're up (and they're down) they'll find some reason not to.


I'm with you, they should sign a deal to play every year, alternate sites.

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Albany would play every year regardless of the quality of our team. For Siena not to do so is just spitting in the eye of the community. You can't name any other city in the country with two D-1 programs where the two schools don't play each other every year.


Siena has always sucked and nothing has changed. We should play their women oustside so they have ample room to graze nearby.

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