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UMBC Outlook

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This could be a trap game for us. I am sure the guys are looking forward to playing at Vermont over the weekend to see where we really stand. We might have tired legs from all this travel in the past couple of days. Hopefully, the idea of becoming 5-2 in the league motivates our guys.


We need to keep feeding Z in the post. Foul trouble hindered him at Maine. I am sure many of you feel we should win this one by double digits. I think it will be decided late in the second half.


UAlbany 69, UMBC 63

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Crazy home/away record for UMBC (5-2 home and 1-7 away). That said, I think this is one we will win. Pretty pathetic offense for them. If we can play half the defense we played against Bingo in the second half or against Maine in the last game, I think we will do very well.


They can't shoot the 3 and they are pretty crappy from the foul-line. They can either try with the 3 or dump it in the paint and Kirsten and Chris and have fun fouling the heck out of them...lol.


Their only positive stat really is offensive rebounds, and that's cause they shoot a lowly 39% from the field..easy to get a lot of rebounds when you do that. They've also lost 4 of their past 5 games, not a good stretch they're in.


I think this will be a New Hampshire type game for us actually. Even though UMBC is 5-2 at home, they're only 1-1 at home in the AE, getting blown out by UNH.


UAlbany 72, UMBC 59

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UA by 10


I think, the things they need to improve on are:

1. Perimeter defense. May not be huge tonight, but important against top tier teams - Vermont, BU, Northeastern. The inability to stop the 3 almost cost them the Binghamton game.

2. Turnovers - Jamar and Zoellner need to keep them under control

3. Zoellner needs to establish a consistent presence in the post. Doesn't necessarily need to score a lot - just needs to be a presence. Also needs to stop the careless fouls.

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Every game must be looked at as a big game for this team, but they should win this game. I'll jump in at 68-58. Only that close do to the fact that it is a road game and the travel schedule. Albany beat this team last year and they don't seem that much better and Albany has certainly improved. That said I'll certainly be listening to hear how things go. Talent at this level is very even and a down night or an up night can swing 10-15 points (or more if you saw the Alabama/MSU game last night).


The outcome means 5-2 or 4-3 going to Vermont. Not a must but a very important game.

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Tough loss. Don't want to harp on the travel, but it's tough to travel 1800 miles in 1 week and play 3 games - they'll get back to Albany at 3 or 4 in the morning and go to classes tomorrow, practice and leave for Vermont on Friday.


Hope they get a chance to rest a bit before playing UVM.

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Bad Loss


You can't win with below par efforts from Kirsten, Levi and even Sweet Lou all in the same night.


Brent has to shoot better than 2-7 from 3 especially when we are struggling offensively.


We allowed ourselves to get beat on the offensive glass.

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