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Gotta Love Iati!!!

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Iati has only practiced a handful of times and plays almost every minute of the scrimmage. He led them in scoring. He had major reconstructive shoulder surgery in early August and he's back on the court. Supposedly he is wearing a high tech brace on his shooting shoulder.


Not only is this kid tough but he can really play. He has a great feel for the game! So much better than Opong and Iati isn't even close to being in game shape!


This kid will have a very nice career!

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Iati is the real deal, give him some time to adjust to DI play remember he's only a legitimate frosh. He's also coming off shoulder surgery on his shooting side.


John Iati is the type of player people will love to watch because he doesn't look like the type of kid who should be able to compete at this level. That's why they say you can't judge a book by its cover.


If we get Jamar back healthy it's going to be fun watching Iati, Wilson and Levine together for 3 more years. If we improve on the boards this year there are going to be nights when we drive good teams nuts.


Brown and the staff have done a tremendous job recruiting. We are definitely heading in the right direction.

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I'm not throwing water on your comments, but just to clarify ... Iati might be game-rusty, but he's certainly been practicing for some time now. I'd say he's been in the gym shooting hundreds of jumpers daily for at least three, possibly four weeks. Granted, I'm only there a couple times a week to workout upstairs, but he's there every day I've been in the last month.


I don't know how extensively he has practiced, as far as getting his wind and feeling out a game situation. So maybe he will grow by leaps and bounds at the season goes. But I just feel like some of the comments SEEM to have a tinge of "if this is just the tip of what he can do we're going to be great."


If anything, I think he'll get marginally better than what we saw in the scrimmage. I'm not expecting some epiphany though, where he finally gets it all going and it all-conference material with the snap of my fingers. Just trying to temper some of the optimism with a dose of fact/opinion.

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I do agree with you that if he gets in game shape he may only be marginally better than he was in the scrimmage and that would be fine with me. Especially when Jamar is back. Iati's ability to shoot the deep 3 will make it more difficult to double on Jamar. Remember Iati was playing with a shoulder harness on in the scrimmage.


I don't expect Iati to get near 20 a game - something like 12 a game would be fine. I liked Earv last year and respected him but he was not a threat and opponents often played off him not so this year with Iati's range.


As for fact he had something like 27 in the scrimmage. they played 5 - 10:00 minute periods so maybe he played 40 minutes. I don't expect anything like that out of him.

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Iati had not shot a ball or run for three months. He started shooting two weeks ago and running. Shooting doesn't get you in shape.


He's only been practicing live for a few day's now. He will get his endurance and quickness back and when that happens he will even be better. As a freshman he is already much better than Opong.


The kid is good!

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