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Siena's next coach

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Is it just me or is it a longshot that Pete Gillen goes to Siena??? I can't believe media outlets are reporting this. They were paying Lanier what -- $90,000-$100,000 per year???? To get Gillen, they would have shell out in the neigborhood of $150,000. I just don't see them breaking the bank like that. Doherty, who has been rumored as well, probably would command a salary even higher.


Are these Siena fans and media people really in a fantasy world or what???? I don't care if Doug Sherman called Gillen personally and confirmed his interest in Siena if he was fired from Virginia. Of course, he would be interested if he became unemployed. Siena is not going to shell out a lot for this new coach considering Lanier has a huge buyout and essentially can take several paid years off before returning to the coaching ranks again.


In the end, I see them "settling" for Mike Hopkins from Syracuse.

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AO - Lanier was getting a reported $160,000


Gillen would cost them $250,000+ and pretty large staff increases and some solid fringe benefits.


Brown's reportedly getting $85,000 and can't get an quick extension and those who think Brown has any leverage are fools.


He's young, hasn't completed the job he wants to complete and his family is comfortable here. If he were to get extended we'll say for 3 years after that extension if the program keeps improving then and only then might he have some leverage.


The one thing he has done is build a respected program from the rubble left by his predecessor.

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To get Gillen, they would have shell out in the neigborhood of $150,000. I just don't see them breaking the bank like that. Doherty, who has been rumored as well, probably would command a salary even higher.


Right here the media clowns are showing their true colors. You're talking about one ACC coach coming to a MAAC school (fired or not) and one former National Coach of the Year (who then collapsed, but look at the talent he recruited).


"Gillen has six years remaining after this one on a contract that pays him $900,000 per year." - February 17, 2005


(That is a direct quote from a writer who used FOIA to get the base salary from UVa, http://www3.roanoke.com/sports/uvainsider/18756.html)


His salary is $187,250 per year, but the total compensation with radio, apparel deals, etc. is $900,000.


Pete Gillen is not a great coach, however he has done a "good" job at one of the nation's most prestigious public universities.


117-92 record at UVa (.560) and his 20-year career record as a collegiate head coach is 391-220 (.640 winning percentage).


If you look around the internet (SI.com, Seth Davis) Matt Doherty is being mentioned for jobs at Tulsa, Charlotte and East Carolina (only one of which has a firm opening right now, ECU). He was a "candidate" at St. John's and was offered a job in Virginia (ODU, VCU? not sure) but turned it down to wait on the hometown Johnnies. He's not going to the MAAC.


I'm not even sure why a Syracuse assistant coach would want to take the Siena job. He's probably going to make more at The Cuse than he would at Siena. Unless he was using that as a stepping stone to prove himself, I don't see it happening (I mean, what more do you have to prove than being an assistant at a top flight D-I school that is nationally ranked and won the title?)

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There are certainly MAAC schools that are paying $250K so it's not out of the question they could hire Gillen. There are also a ton of these retread name guys who have done diddly at mid-majors. Marachuk is one but there's also Lappas, Rollie Massamino and Bob Hill who was horrible at Fordham just to name a few.


They can hire who they want, we'll still have the best coach in the area.

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$900,000 to $250,000 is a big step personally ... not to mention I'm sure the assistants (whoever they are) woudl be taking cuts from $120,000 to $40,000, something along those lines .... not to mention the resources for recruiting would be cut drastically (possibly more drastically than the salary?). When you're at UVa or UNC, and you want to see a kid, you call a friend and you're driving to the airport to jet off to wherever. I don't think they'd have that at Siena (and they know it).

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