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What now for Football 05?

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Start grooming for 06? The pressure is off for a title. It is like when you start off a round of golf and play horrible...just start working on your game and forget the score.


I think the D is in very good shape. They lose I believe 2 starters in Boone and Becker. Jermaine Lee has disappeared and Andre Coleman is having a good season. I would bring 3 more D lineman and 2 LBs into the mix and alternate ALL OF THEM. PLAY ALL UNDERCLASSMAN at this point.


On Offense I would start playing some under classman especially at QB and RB. These two QB's are proving to be ineffective at this point. I think you have to also look at the O-line as a whole. They seem to be a sustained block away from big gainers. They may be big but are they that good? I thought that would be the strenghth of the O. Also our recievers have to play better. Maybe revamp everything. I agree with a previous post...scrap this no huddle crap. Line up and run it.


9 fumbles and a loss to a horrible Stony Brook team is outright grounds for ending the season. It is turning out thast CCSU is not that big of a deal either. We haven't even face a tough NEC team yet (Monmouth).


We just barley made a FG. For the love of Christ spend a scholarship and get a kicker! You can't have a DIAA kicker that is going to be a liability(Thanks Mr. Disch for that)


Coaching. I don't think coaching is to blame for this season like last even though Fordie said so in the paper. They have to execute and not fumble(lets face facts, they hold onto the ball and they win 3-0...not pretty but a win). Maybe simplify the O and use the TE more. Marcus Allen is a good back and will excel if he can get the blocks.


Schedule? This is a joke...someone tell McElroy that no matter how excited our players are at the prospect oif playing up they will get hammered everytime out. They want to schedule Maine, UMASS, Hofstra,Northeastern, Delaware(God help us),Montana pay the God Damn money 63 times over and move up. Until then play at your own level. Another season spent rebuilding

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I don't think you should give up on the QBs yet - remember Bocanegra is still a (redshirt) freshman. The offense has been simplified - we haven't had nearly if any of the delay-of-game penalties as in the past two years. The rain made last week not a real measure of this team's ability. If they still haven't got the offense going after SHU and St. Fran, even if they win, then it's time for wholesale changes.


TW-3 interview with Pres. Hall - he said he likes scheduling the stretch games - UCLA for MBB, UConn for WBB, and the A-10 FB, so I wouldn't expect any changes there. And if the MAAC won't schedule us, as has been said, where else do we go anyway? I don't see any benefit playing D-IIIs.


I heard tomorrow the university will announce construction of a new building for the School of Business. Maybe that will be enough to satisfy the faculty before starting more athletics construction.

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The defense will lose alot of its power next year at the D End position losing Andre Coleman and Jermaine Lee. As long as Disch is in the middle and Chroback at corner we should never be in too much trouble.


The offense is struggling to get anything going. You are correct, this should be looked at as a year to groom the younger players into becoming better. This season is lost.


Special Teams, the punter had an excellent game. As far as field goals go, this kicker is a redshirt freshman and "just barely" made a field goal in extremely adverse conditions, where SBU missed two badly from the distance. Lets give him a chance.


Totally agree with the golfing analogy, this season must now be spent to get better.

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Compliments to the defense this year as they have done a great job, especially with being on the field as much as they are.


Marcus Allen...looks like he has a good amount of talent if a hole is given to him. My only worry with him, and it showed a lot on Saturday's game, is that he doesn't bounce well. He gets hit, and is immediately down..hasn't seemed to break tackles that well so far. Certainly not good for 3rd and short situations, which is why I'm assuming we've seen Beigel a lot in those times. Might just be that I started off here at UAlbany with Gary Jones and saw someone post here that Allen is as good, if not better, than him. Who knows.


Bocanegra...I know he's only a red-shirt frosh, so he should get better with more snaps. And I think he's done a pretty good job of not getting sacked (credit to him and the O-Line), but for all the scrambling, the man has done a very poor job at hitting his targets on those scrambles, usually WAY LOW and hoping to hit receivers feet. I know that Saturday's conditions weren't great for the passing game (my wet poncho and soaked shoes told me that...lol), but I saw a lot of the same things with him against Hofstra. It's especially tough to miss those when the WR is relatively open and a good pass means a first down on a 3rd and 5 type spot.


Note, these comments are from a purely UAlbany football fan, nothing analystic about it.


I hope we can maintain a respectable finish though, aiming for a .500 conference record at this point.


PS - I do agree that the punter had a great game Saturday, especially with the conditions.

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I have to admit I am disappointed in Brett Hall. I thought he would be stellar. I had heard great things about Bocanegra as well. Bocanegra should get better with time. marcus Allen's post was he is FASTER then Jones with similar size. 205lbs and Jones was 215-220. Allen in the open field (if he can get there) is impossible to get a hold of.


A 6-5 record would be spectacular (Miracle) but it is looking like another 4-7 (gulp! or worse). I can't remember the last time an Albany team had two losing years in a row. Now that there is speculation of moving up how long does Ford get before they pull a Sam Kornhauser on him? Personally for me I hope he is here forever.

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I have to admit I am disappointed in Brett Hall. I thought he would be stellar. I had heard great things about Bocanegra as well.  Bocanegra should get better with time.



This is the time for Bocangera to get better. In my opinion, Hall should not play the rest of the season. Bocangera needs to get as many snaps as possible the remainder of the season. Their needs to be an investment in this kid to make him better. Coaches should start scowering the JUCOs and high schools to get a kicker that can play next year. There are a ton of kickers that can make 35yd field goals consistently. Find them. Hell, get a soccer player.

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maybe its not fair to judge so quickly, but it also can't be said that one 25yd field goal is good enough at this level. We'll have to wait and see if the new kid is good enough.


I do agree that you cannot blame the kicker for being 0-5. I didn't intend for my post to suggest that. I just meant that a substandard kicker could be one of the problems.

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