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Team Introductions

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Anyone in the know have any ideas whether UAlbany is planning to change the way in which the basketball teams are introduced?


Although I think the laser light show that Siena uses to introduce their team members at the Pepsi is a little pretentious (especially with the record they had last season), it still is a pretty good concept.


Since season ticket prices are increasing and more fans are expected for our home games this season and since the university spent a lot of money last year to upgrade facilities, specifically the PA system, is it unreasonable to assume that we can expect to see improvements in the way our teams are introduced?

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I haven't heard anything, but you did bring up a topic that I've wondered about.


Ticket prices have continued to go up. Does anyone think maybe they should wait until demand goes up a bit before they increase prices.


Not to gripe too much but I also am a little concerned with the fact that I have to buy womens season tickets as part of my mens season ticket package. No disrespect to the womens program, but I have a limited amount of time and I am going to to go to the mens games only. I have posted to try and sell my womens tickets to no avail. You can buy womens season tickets without mens tickets, why not the reverse?

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The prices would be the same if the women's aren't included. They are basically thrown in for nothing. So if you go to a few women's games, it's gravy. I go to both, so it's fine the way it is me. I really don't care too much how the teams are introduced, although I always thought that I'd like to have total silence when the visitors are introduced. Maybe the rowdies can organioze that.

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Still doesn't seem right.


$125 for a chairback for 12/13 mens home games. That's $10.40/game or $9.62/game as compared to individual seats at $7.00/game. Until you have a croweded arena there is no incentive (you're actually punished) to buy season tickets. Now if you miss a game or two you've really costs yourself.


I've been a ticket holder for six or seven years now. I used to be able to get the family four pack which provided a little discount, but they have done away with that.


I keep my tickets because I find the product well worth the $. My concern is that others may not, yet. So if one of the goals is to get people in the seats I would think season tickets would have some sort of incentive attached.

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I've been a ticket holder for six or seven years now.  I used to be able to get the family four pack which provided a little discount, but they have done away with that.


Yes, I too would like to see some incentive for the family four pack restored. Maybe if enough people show interest in the incentive, we can get it back.


I cannot complain too much, though. The program is heading quickly in the right direction, and the price increase is just a downside.

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The Senior/Staff discount was also eliminated-- so my seasons tickets doubled. Since we attend both teams games it is still a good deal. I began buying seasons tickets when we went D-I(although we attended D-III, and D-II games often) to support the transition and still try not to think of it as "getting our monies worth". That said, I DO AGREE that some incentives should be offered to encourage family attendance. I do think you will see some such promotions when the season begins.

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