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Albany Bracketbuster Gatherings


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Does anyone care to describe the get togethers and the environment.


Evidently we had a packed "Across the Street Pub". How was the atmosphere there? How many fans showed up (30-40)?


Was there a gathering on Long Island, in NYC or in Boston or anywhere else?


I heard the friends of our Iowa connection had to go to a "Hooter's" because it was the only place with Direct TV in there area.


I listened on the radio and it seemed like a great atmosphere.

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After several attempts to find a bar on LI that actually subscribed to the Direct TV package we would up sitting in my office huddled around a 19 inch computer monitor watching on the internet.


Had I known that it was going to be so hard to find a place that paid to have ESPN-U I would have traveled to NYC or to the Pub in Guilderland for the game.


VERY exciting atmosphere having 5 people in my home office.


As was mentioned earlier the commentary on the VCU network sucked. They did not get Levi's name right until midway into the second half.


Sign Coach Brown now!



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I'm guessing, but I would say there were more like 80 or more people at the pub. It was great. Defense chants, lot;s of noise, until the block at the end and at the whistle a big round of applause for the effort. Varsity Club provided wings and pizza and had all the waitresses and bartenders in varsity club t shirts. Handed out some hats. I had some posters made up for senior day. They're two sided. One side says Good Call and Go Great Danes with the dunking great dane in the middle. When the ref errs in our view, the other side has an eye chart, which can be read with some effort. I passed a couple of those out, but I made them for Monday.

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Does anyone care to describe the get togethers and the environment.


Evidently we had a packed "Across the Street Pub". How was the atmosphere there? How many fans showed up (30-40)?



Well over 100, maybe 150 - all the tables and booths in the back, hard to tell how many at the bar were there for the game, since it WAS Friday night.


Loud, festive, supportive, like early on St. Patrick's Day, but in purple.


Good job by the Varsity Club.

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As noted in another sting, I have been out of town since the morning after the Bracketbuster game, but wanted to comment of the gathering at the Across the Street Pub. I would say it was my most memorable experience as a Dane fan since the time in D-2 when we beat St. Rose in the finals of their tourney at the Pepsi (probably it was still the Knick then). It really had a big time feel to it; the waitresses wearing varsity club shirts; the place crowded and erupting as one for virtually every basket.


Before the Albany - Florida game, we ate in a bar/restaurant just off campus called The Swamp, and we spoke with the people there who told us it was a gathering place for watching Florida road games, and that you had to get there real early to get in. The atmosphere they described was exactly what the Pub felt like that Friday night.


Kudos to Lee and his staff and to Warren and the Varsity Club leadership for putting on such a great event.

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