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Dane Pound -


Have you met Charlie Voelker yet??? I think you should go out of your way to make Charlie or Lee McElroy aware of this message board you have created. I know the athletic department probably wouldn't add a link to the official department website, but maybe there is another way they can assist you in promoting this site. Bottom line, this website generates interest for the athletic program. People are allowed to give positive feedback and constructive criticism on issues.


In my opinion, the more people that become aware of this site will in turn put more fannies in the seats. This is one way to get more individuals to donate to the athletic program as well. Do you receive the online Great Danes newsletter every week??? Maybe a fan section could be added to that stating that there is another way "to demonstrate your Great Dane pride" by interacting with other UAlbany fans??? Just a thought. I did see your flyers on the doors during football season. Maybe the athletic department would allow you to do this for hoops season as well???? Flyers on the greeting table with posters, schedule cards etc.???

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I have spoken with Charlie Voelker and McElroy about the site and both have been very encouraging. There's not alot they can do about linking to the board as the University has a policy about the university controlling content. Charlie V. really liked the idea of us handing out flyers to promote the board. There was some confusion about who to ask about hanging flyers during football season but that has been worked out. I didn't want to hang stuff up only to have it torn down and give the board a bad name.

I do intend to do more in terms of flyers and posters to promote the board. Usually the weekend games are better as I can get to the RACC early and get stuff ready. I probably missed a golden opportunity with the Army game but it was on a week night. One of the things I'd like to do (but haven't) is see if they would include a flyer with people's season tickets and/or maybe let us have some space in the game programs to promote the board. Also wanted to email Wyland to see if he would give us a plug on "Hoop Games."

The board has only been up about three months and hopefully with time it will approve in appearance (slowly) and number of members. The one thing it has going for it is that it's alot easier to tell someone to go to www.bigpurplefans.com than it was to go to www.voy.com and all that backslash stuff.

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Good response ... you should look into maybe getting a constant plug in the e-mail newsletter as well ... i think Don Ostrom would be your contact for that.


If Charlie gave you the okay to distribute flyers, would he allow them on his same table with the posters and schedule cards???


Maybe the athletic department would allow you to run a free ad in the game programs beginning next year as well???? Basically, serving as a reward to all the die-hard fans who show interest in the athletic programs.

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I didn't ask about putting flyers on the table mainly because I didn't think of it. It's a good idea as is trying to be included in the newsletter. I'll ask about getting in the programs for next year as it's probably too late for this year. Until then we'll rely on word of mouth and some posters this year. Getting in the programs will probably help next year when we'll probably have some new-found Danes fans.

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Two other methods of generating publicity were used by the Private Pound. One was a link on the Alumni Association website. This turned objectionable to the Alumni Association when they got complaints regarding the vulgarity; but this board is much more respectful, and with a new Executive Director at the Alumni Association (who was at the last luncheon), maybe it's time to try again. If you's prefer, I'll be glad to make the contact. The other was a simple banner at the RACC and on the fence for football with just the www address. People will be curious and it's easy to remember.

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I think the last time I contacted the alumni department about the board we were still with voy. I don't know if you have any contacts at the alumni assocation but if you are comfortable asking them about putting a link up to the board I would certainly appreciate it. Anything to draw more fans to the board is a plus. I was glad to see the NYC alumni chapter (the only one with a website) put a link to the board. There was actually a story on the NYC alumni chapter website in the latest alumni magazine so hopefully some alumni will find us that way also.

We are planning a couple of things for the upcoming few games to try and get more people to the board. We'll probably stop short of printing shirts (also as the Private Pound did) but who knows. :D



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