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Jon Iati


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Congrats to Iati. He better be careful or we'll start talking about him for Rookie of the Year. I don't understand why there's no women's awards this week. The AE site says there weren't enough games played this week but there have been other weeks with the same number of games-I don't get it. Just give the POW award to Hutch.

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congratulations to the rookie ... i doubt he has even neared his potential for this freshman season considering the rehab from surgery, level of competition confronted thus far, and the absence of a healthy supporting cast of teammates to attract defensive attention ... he'll likely hit full stride in 04-05 ... in the meantime, the AE is already paying attention

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Kudos to Coach Brown and the staff. Just think - once we get a full team of scholarship players the Danes should be a consistent winner, if the staff keeps recruiting the way they are and I'm not speculating how good next year's freshman are:


Levi is a proven warrior. All Rookie last year and potential to be All Conference this season. Will have 2 more years


Jamar - Rookie of the Year and 2nd Team All Conference will have 3 more years.


Iati "Rookie of the Week" 3 times this season and he has struggled at times with a more powerful team around him his job should become easier in the next 3 years.


Lucious Jordan is a "known quantity" All Rookie and All Conference in the MAAC avg over 13ppg both years. He'll have 2 years.


Zoellner is somewhat of an unknown quantity but from what guys on the team say he is going to be a major impact player for 2 years. He is better than most people think and will be a force in the paint.


If 1 or 2 of next years freshman are nearly as good as any of the above it will just solidify the Danes for 4 more years.


But first let's go out and get some more Ws this season.


Let's hope the coaching staff continues to work hard and bring in talent.


Here's wishing the Danes a Happy and Healthy New Year !!!

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Iati is having a great year, but he is not a point guard. He's a two that happens to be 5'8" and forced to be the point. His challenge for next year is to evolve into more of a true point as he will be surrounded by scorers.


This is the challenge that the program will have - they have players like Iati, Levine and Wilson that have been scorers because no one else can score but as the team becomes more complete next year they are going to have to morph into their roles. I believe that will be the greatest test of Brown's coaching ability.

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I must repectfully disagree with you. Iati was brought in as a pure PG.


His job was to transport the ball and get it to Jamar and Levi and then hit the open 3 when his man helped. He would also be called on to bang free throws down the stretch to protect leads - something Earv could not do the last couple of years.


Remember he went through major shoulder surgery and is still playing with a shoulder harness under his T shirt......


1. He still is shying from contact on that shoulder


2. He has been forced to become a scorer in Jamar's absence.


3. Next year with Jordan, Levi and Wilson on the perimeter and Zoellner in the middle, Iati will be a PG and instead of running off screens he will waitng for people to help off him and he'll bury open 3's.


In my opinion don't worry about the PG position next year - Iati, Wilson or Bauman can handle the job.


I've heard Coach Brown doesn't want Wilson on the point because he such an incredible scorer at this level.

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