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Intresting in this article Brown says that he wants to have a nine man rotation "five on the perimeter, four in the frontcourt."


I'm no mind reader but my guess this rotation will be based on experience and it will allow the Freshman to adjust to the game at the D-I level


Perimeter: Jamar Wilson (Sr), Brian Lillis (Jr), Jason Siggers (Sr), Jon Iati (Jr), Carl Ross (Jr)/Mike Knight (Jr)


Frontcourt: Brent Wilson (Jr), Brian Connelly (Soph), Jim Covington (Soph), Brett Gifford (Freshman).


Bench: Lance James (walk-on Freshman), Ried Anderson (Freshman), Mike Yocum (Freshman), David Bauman (Jr UA's Rudy).


I like this setup of a nine of a nine man rotation, I'm not sure who will be the fifth on the perimeter but I'm not sure u can go wrong with either Knight or Ross. They both have D-I experience so there transition to the team will probably be easier. I also think that out of the players on the bench Yocum will see the most minutes because of Covington's problems getting fouled and Gifford's inexperience. Lets not forget that Yocum played with and against top D-I talent in prep school.


Can't wait to see this team at the scrimage and on November 11.

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It surely will be interesting for Coach Brown to get to a 9 player rotation.


Jamar, Lillis, Siggers and Iati are givens as far as getting minutes on the perimeter. Lock Brent in for minutes up front. That's 5 players.


Connelly, Covington, Ross, Knight, James, Yocum, Gifford and Reid Anderson. Thats 8 guys competing for 4 spots in a 9 man rotation.


The biggest question mark, I think, this team has is where will and how to get the most out of a very inexperienced front court. I would imagine with Brent being the only really tested front court player that atleast early on we will see more than a 9 man rotation with bunches of different combinations upfront, including all 5 frontcourt players (Brent, Brian, Covington, Yocum and Gifford) until it sorts itself out.


It should be interesting to see how we defend on the interior and how we rebound defensively.


Perimeter wise I think we're pretty good but upfront I don't have any idea if we're going to be good or downright awful. I guess in about a month we'll get an idea.

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It'll be great to finally see some of the guys we've been talking about actually play in the scrimmage next week!!!


Looking at that conference schedule in January where they've bunched games together in clumps we're going to need all the depth we can. If everyone's schedule is similar than it may actually favor a team like this. A couple of years ago when we were paper thin that stretch of four games in seven days would have killed us. Now it shouldn't be so bad.


I'm probably making too much of it but in Coach Brown's blog over the summer it sounded like they were toying with the idea of Knight at PG. I would guess he would back-up Lillis in that case. I envision Siggers being the guy who will guard the other teams best perimiter player with Ross coming off the bench to take over that role. No matter what it'll be a good sign if all 14 guys make these decisions on who to play as tough as possible on the coaching staff.

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