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Empire State Games


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  • 2 weeks later...

day 1 of events have taken place. here is some stuff that happened for UA athletes:


- Marc Pollozi won gold in the Javelin (2nd place finished 23 m behind him...domination!)

- Joe Greene finished 3rd in his semifinal heat of the 200 m dash (believe he qualifies for the finals) and 1st in his semifinal run of the 400m 36" Hurdles.

- Gered Burns finished 3rd while John Moore finished 2nd in their 800m semifinal runs (believe both qualify for finals).


will update as time goes on

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Jason Siggers nailed down a team high 19 points for Team Adirondack in a 85-71 loss to Team Long Island. (side note - Hofstra's Antoine Agudio had 33 points, nailing 7 three-pointers for Team Long Island)

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Continued update from yesterday:


Kristin Higy scored 2 pts while Sherri Mikus had 7 pts in a Team Adirondack victory over Central 69-58.


In softball yesterday:

Game 1: Team Adirondack 3-0 victory over Central

Amber Masionet went 2-3 with 2 runs

Meagan Butsch 0-2 with an RBI

Ali Meachem 0-2 with an RBI

Casey Halloran 7 innings, 2 hits, 0 runs and the win


Game 2: Team Adirondack loss to NY

Amber Masionet went 0-2 with a run

Meagan Butsch 1-3

Ali Meachem 1-3

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Day 2 (7/27/07) Results:

(will edit this post as results come in)


Men's Basketball

Jason Siggers a team high 24 points in a Team Adirondack loss to NYC 69-64


Women's Basketball

Sherri Mikus had 2 points while Kristin Higy had 4 points in a Team Adirondack 67-66 victory. Former Great Dane Maree Jones had a team high 17 in the victory.


Men's Lacrosse

Game 1

Joseph Resetarits with 2 goals in a Team Western 13-4 loss to Long Island


Game 2

Joseph Resetarits had 2 goals and 1 assist in a Team Western 11-8 loss to Central


Track and Field

Joe Greene won the bronze in the 200m dash

Andrew Overbaugh finished 3rd in his 400m dash Semifinal heat.



Game 1: 6-1 Team Adirondack victory over Western

Amber Maisonet went 2-3 with an RBI

Michelle Conners 1-3 with a run

Meagan Butsch 0-3

Ali Meachem 0-3

Casey Halloran 5 innings, 1 run, 4 hits


Game 2: Team Adirondack 1-0 victory over Hudson Valley

Amber Masionet went 2-4 with 1 run

Michelle Connors 0-4

Megan Butsch 2-3 with an RBI

Ali Meachem 1-3

Casey Halloran 7 innings, 5 hits, 0 runs

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Day 3 (7/28/07) Results:


Men's Basketball

Jason Siggers had a team and game high 14 points in a Team Adirondack 77-59 loss to Hudson Valley.


Women's Basketball

Sherri Mikus nailed down 14 points while Kristin Higy had 9 points in a Team Adirondack 74-68 win over NYC. Maree Jones also finished with 12 points.


Track and Field

John Moore takes home the gold while Gered Burns takes home the bronze in the 800m run.

Joe Greene wins gold medal in the 400m 36" Hurdles and bronze medal as a member of Team Adirondack in the 4x100 Relay

Andrew Overbaugh finished 6th in the 400m dash

Overbaugh, Moore and Greene also won the silver medal for Team Adirondack in the 4x400 Relay.


Men's Lacrosse

Joseph Resetarits had 1 goal in a Western victory over Hudson Valley.



Game 1: Team Adirondack 3-0 victory over LI

Amber Maisonet went 1-3 with a run

Ali Meachem 0-2 with an RBI


GAME 2: GOLD MEDAL MATCH - Team Adirondack losses to LI 2-0

Casey Halloran 7 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs (Team Adirondack recorded only 2 hits)

(5 Great Danes on the roster)

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Great Danes Medal Count going into final day of games:


Gold - 3 (Joe Greene - 400m 36" Hurdles; Marc Pollozi - Javelin; John Moore - 800m)

Silver - 4 (Joe Greene - 4x400 Relay; Andrew Overbaugh - 4x400 Relay; John Moore - 4x400 Relay; Softball (Team Adirondack - Amber Masionet, Casey Halloran, Ali Meachem, Michelle Connors, Meagan Butsch)

Bronze - 3 (Gered Burns - 800m; Joe Greene - 4x100 Relay and 200m)

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In Women's Basketball, Team Adirondack took the silver, losing 61-59 to Hudson Valley. Maree Jones finished with 13 points while Sherri Mikus had 2 points and Kristin Higy had 3.



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