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Top 100 Football Recruits


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I went out to Rivals.com. I was surprised that not 1 HS football recruit in the top 100 was from NY... or Mass. The top few states are a given but NY without 1. Come on... We better get good recruiters in the sun belt if we move up hah ha


TX 14

FL 13

CA 11

GA 9

AL 7

PA 6

OH 5

VA 4

MI 3

SC 2

OK 2

NJ 2

NE 2

MS 2

IL 2

CO 2

WV 1

WA 1

UT 1

TN 1

OR 1

NC 1

MO 1

MN 1

MD 1

LA 1

KS 1

AZ 1

AR 1

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I'd rather play FCS football for 10000 years before joining the Sun Belt conference!




I wasn't clear. We need to make sure we're recruiting from the sun belt not the Sun Belt Conference. I'm sure the next 500 kids are from the same places that the first 100 came from, Florida and Texas. I just thought a few NY kids would be in there. I was blown away not to see one. Guess this explains Syracuse' performance... hah ha. Joking. They're great. New York's team...

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It is surprising considering how big high school footblal is in the western part of the state. On the bright side Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey are represented and close enough. 15 players on our roster are from New Jersey.

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NY has up and down years for recruits. Occassionally you'll get a top 100 recruit...the Paulus brothers were both top 100 QB's out of Syracuse CBA. Greg was the #1 recruit in the country at one point and could have gone to any school he wanted. he went to Duke to play bball instead. his younger brother is a freshman this year at North Carolina and is a QB.


The fact that they are from Syracuse and Syracuse couldn't recruit them says a lot.


I agree about recruiting from the sun belt. Fordie has always had a good relationship with Florida high schools and does pretty well down there. We also got some players from TX and Georgia recently and we definitly have been getting more and more kids from NJ, which is a football rich state.

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