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ASP on the Stadium Project


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The back cover of this week's ASP has a story about the "Complex Dream" we have regarding the stadium. Most of it is general information that we know already with some pro-stadium and stadium-cynical quotes. Along with it is a pro-stadium editorial from Ted Bean that has some quotes that will make anyone who reads this proud about how the stadium will be an eventual benefit. Since the ASP is behind in putting their editions online, here are some in the name of fair use.

  • "I guarantee that being the #1 ranked nanotechnology and microtechnology college in the world benefits both UAlbany and the nearby community somehow. But who the hell knows what nanotechnology is? Not me."
  • "I think it would be fair to estimate that a majority of students on campus couldn't tell you either. As strange as it sounds, that is exactly why UAlbany needs a new football stadium. People know what football is. Fans go nuts. Alumni donate money to football programs. Most importantly, football draws people to a university and raises the profile of a school."
  • "The athletic department is part of the drive towards bigger and better things. As of 1994, UAlbany athletic teams competed in Division III. Now the programs are in Division I. The men's basketball team made the NCAA tournament the past two years, and the men's lacrosse team spent six weeks last season as the #2 ranked team in the country. What does it matter if you have a world class nanotechnology program that no one cares about?"
  • "The university needs something that will make the public care. A new football stadium is the next logical step in building a more reputable, higher profile, university.

Below it, in a bit of irony, is a small article on Barksdale and his time with the Chiefs to date, mandatory quotes from Fordie included (including the fact that if the words "Rashad Barksdale, University at Albany" are ever said on a national TV broadcast, he'd cheer). How long before we put his face all over campus in that alumni awareness campaign?

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Kudos to the ASP editorial board

When I saw the title of this thread, I assumed I would be reading about a negative slant on this proposal

We have come a long way from the years when the discussion was about moving up in Divisions

This is a credit to how the Administration and the Athletics in particular have gone about our rise in DI sports

Looking forward to more of this

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