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  1. “There are many sources of mine, and I’m not ready to go official with this, but there are many that just say it’s over, he’s done. He will no longer, eventually, be the coach at the University at Albany,” Wyland said. per the Times Union website
  2. Ugly game against a bad team - it's going to be a long season
  3. All I can say is There can be only one... conference for the Highlanders
  4. We destroyed the NEC champs in CCSU - I think that is proof that we have left that league behind. CAA is where we belong. I'd rather have a chance at being one of 3 or 4 teams to make the playoffs than win the NEC and have little chance of moving beyond the opening round.
  5. will need to box out and rebound! 21 OffenSIVE rebounds for Columbia
  6. I think that much of the frustration and exasperation displayed on this board is that there is no chance of moving on from this coach if this season goes into the tank. GG has three more years on his contract - through 2022. There is no money to buy him out, he makes about 300k/year. Anyone got a cool million burning a hole in their pocket? It's not just the coach, it is the ineptitude of the leadership in the athletics department.
  7. Sadly Benson gave GG a contract through the 2022 season. So the buyout at the end of this season would be 3 years and around $900K. This season would have been his last u nder the original contract. Anyone know Benson's contract status - it may be year to year at this point - time to non-renew. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/02/08/gattuso-signed-through-2022-to-coach-ualbany-football
  8. Even the announced attendance of 5014 is horrendous. This was the season opener - all the complaints lodged in this thread have some validity. It was a beautiful day/evening yet the number of butts on the berm, in the bleachers and in the permanent seats was demonstrably and substantially lower than in the previous openers. You may not see it but the football game day experience is on a downward trend. That should trouble every one who cares about UA athletics.
  9. Attendance at Casey Stadium Home Openers: 2013 - 8500 2014 - 6748 2015 - 6081 2016 - 8040 2017 - 6384 2018 - 6503 2019 - 5014
  10. The pig we roasted before the game was delicious. I was too full to try any of the concessions or GDAC/Field Club.
  11. Here are my expectations for the season : Benson is fired/nonrenewed by December. As far as GG is concerned, let the new AD figure it out, he is owed a lot of money. Looking forward to all other teams seasons.
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