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I think/hope we should get a minimum of 50. 40 seems light and a little below the equivalencies that the PL offers, although I could be mistaken. Maybe Dane 96 could shed more light on this. I believe 50 will help us hang with Montana, UMASS, and APPY State. We can hang with any PL team as of right now but what about the Delaware's, and Ga Southern's?

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Most of the top half of the PL is fully funded. The rest are probably in the low 50's...and G-Town brings up the rear with 40ish...and it is why they stink.


50 is good...but probably not going to happen. 57 gets a guarantee game. Part of me wishes for indy status so we can get some big paydays.

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Am I correct in assuming that the decision on scholarship increases in the NEC will be determined by the schools' athletic directors and their University Presidents?


When will they be discussing / voting on the scholarship increase? Sometime in May?


Also, will UAlbany have a vote?


If there is not an increase or a very small one, does anyone feel that we may rethink staying in the NEC?

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I'm not sure if we actually have a vote as we are only an affiliate member in the NEC.

I'm sure we have clout though as we have been the face of the NEC football conference on the national level for the last few years (us and Central Conn.)


I believe the vote will occur this summer at some point. I think the meeting is usually in June.


I think we are always considering leaving the NEC. There just isn't any other options right now. We are sort of stuck here for a while.


The only other choice we have is to go independent which would be horrible for us. We won't be able to get home games without a stadium, or at least games that are worth playing. Now we'll have a better chance of making the playoffs and making some noise nationally. That would be very difficult as an indy.


We're best to sit tight right now and hope that the NEC ramps up.


Best case scenario: raise to 40 next year. 50 the year after and that puts us into the first season of Auto-bid with 50 rides. If we need to stay there a year fine, but in 2011 we should have a better idea as to where the CAA will be moving.


I for one, don't ever see the NEC going to 63 rides. I can't see Wagner, Sacred Heart, and/or St. Francis doing it.

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