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Loyd Constatine


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This ass is at it again. He always refers to Stony Brook and Buffalo as "flagships". Not once has this moron ever used that word with respect to Albany. On top of the flagship talk, he wants a law school for Bingo. Never any respect for UAlbany from this jerk


Hey, Constatine! There is a 4th SUNY Center and it's in the state capitol not some Podunk little town like Vestal or Stony Brook. You know the state capitol like where Ohio State, Florida State and Texas all happen to be be based. Need a map to find New York's capitol?




"The proposed law school for Stony Brook will in truth not add a single seat, because it is destined to either acquire or replace Touro, a school which is perpetually mired in the fourth tier of American law schools and eventually will see that its better and only future rests in the hands of Stony Brook, a SUNY flagship."



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Nick Donofrio, the IBM executive vice president and an RPI trustee, is also considered a candidate for the chancellorship.


World leading business experience.

A true leader and leader's vision

A trustee at RPI.

The strong IBM / University of Albany tie with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

Recent multi billion dollar IBM committment to the University / Albany region


All good reasons for the SUNY Board to focus on Nick Donofrio.


I already sent an email several weeks ago to the Board of Trustees and the Vice Chancelor. I spent some time drafting the email, as to ensure its intellectual content, while supporting Mr. Donofrio and his candidacy. The Vice chancelor thanked me for my views, and said he'd forward the email to the board of trustees immediately for their consideration. I'd recommend others to do the same, if you spend the time and do it right.






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The one thing I will say about Constantine's view is that SUNY cannot be treated like its just another state agency.


I don't agree with his views on much, but on that I do agree. It needs to be separate and have its own inidivdual power.



BTW, I don't think its appropriate for a candidate for a high ranking state position to write commentary in a newspaper on an issue he would have to preside over should he be hired. Its smacks of unprofessionalism and to be honest - whining.


That's the writing on the wall that worries me.

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