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Dyson Putting Up #'s!!!!!

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A few posts from DEPREPS message Board


Re: Caravel over Sanford tonight...... Reply



18 points, 14 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He is playing very well over the last 6 or 7 games


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Post #22 Re: Caravel over Sanford tonight...... Reply



Dyson played well, but his teammates didn't seem to work hard enough at getting the ball to him. Dan Rozman, Caravel's center, did a terrific job defending as well!


Posted on 2/20 11:59 AM | IP:

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Dyson Update


Dyson's team lost by 11 60-49 to St. Andrews and Eric Boateng, 2nd time in the week they played.


As much as we were wondering about Joe so were some of the people on the DE Preps website. Here are a few posts......


Atten: I love Mrs. Rexton(about Joe Dyson) Reply



I hope I got your handle right. I just want to say that I saw Joe Dyson play against ST. Andrews last night and not only is a D1 player, Albany University got a steal. Dyson more than held his own with Boateng and both big men played well. If you were a college recruiting coach and gave that assesment that you did, YOU WOULD BE FIRED THE NEXT DAY!!!(but you are entitiled to your opinion). Joe showed improved hands, a soft touch out to 14 feet, rebounded well, and blocked some shots. In other words, Joe was ballin. He is definately the second best big man in the state behind Boateng(Who is incredible) and Joe is way ahead of McClosky and Elzey. St. Andrews won the game by 12 or more. I don't remember the exact score. - DEGURU


Post #1332  Re: Atten: I love Mrs. Rexton(about Joe Dyson) Reply



the one thing Ive noticed when watching Dyson is his incredible upside, i dont believe we have seen nearly the potential he has...Guru made a great point too, it is an art to feed the post, and i think that is a lost art at the high school level..if the guard does not give the big fella the ball in the right spot, it makes it more difficult for the big fella...By the time Dyson is done at Albany i believe he will be a double double guy in college...


Posted on 2/25 9:17 AM | IP: - XDIPlayer


Re: Atten: I love Mrs. Rexton(about Joe Dyson) Reply



Joe Dyson haas quietly put together a very solid senior season. Although he is not averaging 20 points per game, he has brought so much more to the table. He is playing hard and has been a force over the last month or so of the season. You really have to understand the game to appreciate what he does for his team.he will be a tough match-up for anyone in the state tournament and as far as college, the best is yet to come. Once he is surrounded with other experienced players that understand the game, he is going to look that much better. as the Sanford guards have improved over the course of the season, so has Dyson's play.


Posted on 2/25 10:24 AM | IP: - Clinic

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