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Like it or not, the first GPI is out. The GPI is the FCS version of the BCS. Its used by the committee (or so we are told) and it is one of the pieces you use to decide the conditional access bid (which no one from the NEC qualifies for this year anyway). I though I'd post it just to follow our progress.




The Gridiron Power Index (GPI), the index ranking for the NCAA Division I FCS and a top indicator of at-large playoff selection debuts for the 2008 season with James Madison in the top spot.


The Colonial Athletic Association, the largest league in the FCS has seven teams in the top 25, the Missouri Valley Football and the Southern Conferences have five each, the Big Sky and the Southland Conferences have three each, and the Big South, Great West Football and the Ohio Valley Conferences placed one each. (Games through 10/4/08)


10/6/2008 GPI Top 25

Rank, Team, Total

1. James Madison (1.00)

2. New Hampshire (4.13)

3. Appalachian St (4.50)

4. McNeese St (4.88)

5. Richmond (5.25)

6. Cal Poly (6.75)

7. Villanova (7.13)

8. Montana (9.13)

9T. Massachusetts (10.50)

9T. Wofford (10.50)

11. Elon (10.88)

12. Northern Iowa (12.75)

13. Jacksonville St (13.63)

14. Weber St (14.25)

15. Furman (15.75)

16. N Arizona (16.13)

17. Cent Arkansas (17.75)

18. W Illinois (20.00)

19. S Illinois (20.38)

20. Delaware (20.50)

21. N Dakota St (20.88)

22. Liberty (21.63)

23. S Dakota St (23.38)

24T. Northeastern (24.88)

24T. Sam Houston St (24.88)

24T. Ga Southern (24.88)


37T. Albany (34.75)


Conference Ranking:

Rank, League, Total Average

1. Colonial Athletic Association (22.78)

2. Southern Conference (27.97)

3. Great West Football Conference (32.38)

4. Big Sky Conference (32.59)

5. Missouri Valley Football Conference (34.41)

6. Southland Conference (34.46)

7. Ivy League (45.77)

8. Ohio Valley Conference (49.79)

9. Patriot League (51.91)

10. Big South Conference (51.93)

11. Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (61.94)

12. Northeast Conference (65.00)

13. Southwestern Athletic Conference (70.50)

14. Pioneer Football League (75.28)

15. Independents (80.15)


Conference Detail

12. Northeast Conference (65.00)

37T. Albany (34.75)

66. Central Conn (51.75)

84. Monmouth (62.25)

88. Duquesne (64.38)

89. Sacred Heart (65.38)

102. Robert Morris (74.25)

113. Wagner (81.00)

123T. St Francis (86.25)

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If St. Francis and Wagner could have raised their level only to that of Sacred Heart, I think the NEC would have leapfrogged the MEAC and had a better argument for the autobid next year instead of the conditional bid. Or if Wags and SHU had scheduled some better competition. Or if Monmouth had pulled out their 3 and 4 point losses to URI and Maine. Or if we had gotten and won that Fordham game..


So close

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Who knows though. If the MEAC could end up dropping if SC State and Hampton end up losing in conference to lower MEAC teams. That will bring down the entire conference.


Same would be true if we lose any conference games.


Best case scenario for the NEC is for us to go undefeated in the NEC, Central to beat everyone except us and Monmouth to beat everyone except Central and us. That would push the NEC up and it could push us over the MEAC.

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I'd think conference games would cancel each other out as far as league rankings (any rise from a win is at the cost of the drop by the loser). FAMU has one OOC game left, otherwise we have to hope the teams we played beat the teams we didn't play so the league's strength of schedule goes up.


Unless some of the GPI polls are the ones that have Sacred Heart in the top 20, then we want them to go 6-1.

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For the full GPI stats. I sort of reverse engineered the link to find the full GPI. Not sure how long it will stay up there though.


Sacred Heart is ranked below Duquesne even at 5-0.


Sacred Heart NEC 5-0 65.38 445 94 77 84 98 88 94 85 26 26 26

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OK none of these are the polls with SHU ranked. Everybody can pound them.


Too bad the NEC rating will slip for a while when Bryant joins. Maybe the MEAC will let Savannah St. join them to even it out.



I don't know how much it will slip. Bryant has shown they are willing schedule up.


They play at UMass this year. That's more then SHU or St. Francis has ever done.


Besides, I'm hoping we won't be in the NEC with Bryant for very long anyway.


And by that point the NEC will have an auto. So the GPI won't mean anything except for a second bid (highly unlikely) or whether the NEC champ plays the first week of the playoffs or the second (again highly unlikely they'll get a bye).

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