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OT: At least one Siena fan...

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Now, this is comical, but I'm gonna put it to you fellas anyway.


hoopjunkie, a poster on the Siena board has his panties in a bunch over Will getting clearance to play immediately.


He appears to be concerned about Will cutting down his commute time and he is of the opinion that he should have transferred close to Queens instead of coming to Albany....he has this to say. "C'mon fellas. He left UVA because he wasn't playing. His sick mom is a sad story, but seriously he couldn't find a low D-1 CLOSE to his hometown of Queens!? I'm sure one of those doormats I mentioned would have loved to get this kid. Someone asked how close is close enough? Any D-1 school within an hour drive is good. That gives the kid about 25 options. Instead of the 4 1/2 hour drive to visit his mommy, he cut it down to 3 hours. what devotion.


BTW--no fan angle here. Could care less as far as Siena is concerned. Siena beats UA like a drum in Harris' 2 years, and he'll wish he was back in Charlottesville!" - hoopjunkie


Apparently the TOOL has never seen or heard of google maps. The drive from central Virginia to queens is 7 hours (about 350 miles), the drive from Albany is under 3 hours or 155 miles. Not to mention there are numerous transportation options to get into the city (Amtrak down, drive half way catch the Metro North etc.) while a car is the only way to get there from Charlottesville.


Also, I love the inclusion of BTW - no fan angle here. How much you guys want to bet if Will had gone scoreless with 3 TO's he wouldn't bother with that tread. I swear, some Sienista's are dumber then a bag of rocks.

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I swear, some Sienista's are dumber then a bag of rocks.


Well, they root for LCC. That is evidence of not being smart right there.


What would a week be if an obsessed Siena fan didn't start a tread about Albany and actually got his facts right regarding Albany.


I mean look at this clown gorvy today. He admits he hasn't looked at the details of this, but just knows that Virginia pushed Harris out. This is the typical nonsense you get from LCC fans.


"My thinking is VIrginia pushed the kid out, and he wanted to play somewhere this year, but I have not looked into the details of the situation nor do I care to." gorvy on the New $iena same $iena forum



I still find it amusing how even tough they had they best season since joining the maac, they are still obsessed with UA.

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