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  1. Yeah hated missing that but I had plans before the schedule was released. LCC has their usual record. Hopefully it was just them getting up for their Superbowl. in the end Albany beat them in straight sets. I will make sure I am back from football at Delaware in time for next home match.
  2. Basketball already. I didn't pay for those tickets yet. Although I can hopefully see of the games in Kentucky
  3. I was the last series and the backup. He threw at least one pass, maybe two. Will have to go back and look at the stats
  4. I thought we got there 4 hours before kickoff for home coming. 3 hours early the test of the games
  5. I have no comment on announcers. Did the tv have a better angle on the fumble. He had the ball on his last step before the endzone . Did not on his first step in the end zone. But the rule is touchdown if he still had the ball when it reaches the line. That is what I couldn't tell from here
  6. Couldn't tell from the angle that they showed on the scoreboard. If that was what replay had they couldn't overturn it. I couldn't tell live when he fumbled. I am high up on the 15 that endzone
  7. Got to take care of business on 12/12. Also matchup against a former coach in Boston on 11/28 is what stands out to me
  8. Complete schedule out today. Interesting stretch from 11/20 - 11/24 with 3 straight games in Kentucky. 11/20 and 11/24 Eastern Kentucky invitational 11/22 at Kentucky
  9. Yes. Niagara released their out of conference schedule today with that on there as well. Conference schedule tomorrow per an AE tweet.
  10. Yale schedule is released. Danes at Yale 12/7
  11. Saw Nate at lacrosse. He said they were looking to send basketball schedule and ticket information out soon. Both at same time. I mentioned I wasn't going to get mine until I can pay in full (like I did with football) No issue to me. When they are ready to collect money they will send out the info
  12. I went with section 115, behind Albany bench. I don't like the low end zone seats they have for Albany fans. Hopefully some purple around me 😉
  13. Harvard , Bucknell and Colombia are Albany home games. Harvard , Bucknell and Columbia schedules are on those schools websites . Over 80 schools have released non conference schedules
  14. It is definitely 2:30 local time and single game tickets for that game on sale tomorrow at 10 eastern time
  15. More games on the Twitter feed 11/17 Harvard 12/11 Columbia 12/29 Bucknell
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