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Thought some of you would like this high school PRACTICE facility.


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The ENTIRE project is only $6 million?? So no stadium? Okay, let's get one of these awesome indoor practice facilities and just keep playing our non-conference games against high level opponents at their place.


Let's say, arguendo, that an athletic fee was raised or instituted in the amount of $250 per student for an entire academic year (only $125 per semester). If you included graduate and undergraduate students, you would need about 24,000 students to raise $6 million in just one year. Not sure where we are now in terms of enrollment, but "recessions" or whatever we're in right now never hurt enrollment, so approaching 24K students seems reasonable if we're not there already.


Raise the athletic or facility fee (or create one if we don't have one already), generate the $5.5 to $6 million in one academic year (Do the math: $250 * 24,000 = $6,000,000 (i.e., 10% of the purchase price of a new stadium), and money in interest bearing accounts, hedge funds, escrow accounts, bonds, or bury it under one end of the endzone of our "football field."

The point here is that it seems to me that to fund a $60 million stadium, we could get some money donated, some money from naming rights, other money from advertising and other sources generally, including donations, and the rest of our downpayment from just a year or two or three of collecting athletic fees in roughly the amount noted above. What kind of downpayment do we need to fund a $60 million stadium? And all of this coming without the help of the now democratic NYS Senate and Assembly (anyone really think upstate NY is going to see any $$ now?? Ha!).


Setting aside our seemingly defunct NYS Legislature, doesn't it seem like the foregoing is painfully do-able with our own efforts, money, and on our own terms? Where am I going wrong Dane fans?


For those of you with business backgrounds or knowledge of capital projects, perhaps you can help me with where I'm going wrong here!

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