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  1. Little bit of grab ass in the hype circle never hurt anyone. 😛 Seriously though, I haven't been on here in a while and saw the story pop up yesterday so I came to read. 20 pages was too much to read. I think this is a terrible look for the school, Benson and Killings. I really think Benson has done a completely terrible job and should not be the AD anymore.
  2. Very pleasantly surprised and FUN to watch them come together as a team like this.
  3. Put me in the Ualbany should move to the CAA for all sports column. Thanks. Eff Benson!
  4. What a BS jump ball call. Neither defender had the ball. Both had his arms though.
  5. This may be the worst 3 pt shooting team we've had. Kick out to WIDE OPEN 3..... clank. So many misses.
  6. This would be really big for the school and the RIGHT move. Shouldn't have been separated in the first place. Greed by the NY politicians and that idiot who ran it are what caused the whole issue.
  7. D definitely needs to pick it up! Is SEFCU as empty as it seems or is the side not on the stream fuller? I know students aren't there but looks empty.
  8. This board has turned. Years ago we all got along. Yes there were disagreements but now it's just stinks. Happy New Years.
  9. So, I've been really busy and not on the site for about a week. To come back to this is disturbing. Completely done with supporting this program. I'm appalled after reading through this thread. Benson should not only be fired but run out the door and fast. Done.
  10. I hope Undercuffler goes to a solid program and lights it up the next two years and Verse ends up in the NFL.
  11. I used to get 3-4 alumni to join me 3-5 times a year to make the trip up for a couple football games, a couple basketball games and a lax game. Now no one cares. I recruited them and got them into our athletics. They were interested, they were buying tickets, watching games, DONATING. This season I couldn't get ONE to come up with me to a football game. Even having a hard time getting anyone for a basketball game trip. It sucks and me being the fanatic of the group cannot even find a positive spin to put on anything. IT STINKS!
  12. The figure UAlbany received to come play this “guarantee” game from Boston College: $70K.
  13. This is sooooo awesome to see! https://twitter.com/UAlbanyMBB/status/1470595399111041024?s=20
  14. Really very fun game to watch. Glad to see them play the way they did and hopefully this gives them some confidence to continue this type of play. Lots of energy the whole game on both sides of the ball. Rebounding is still an issue but they took care of the ball! I think they only had 6-7? turnovers. Awesome! Happy for the kids and Coach Killings.
  15. Not really on topic but I have FuboTV and I love it compared to YouTubeTV. IT doesn't have Turner networks (TNT, TBS, TruTV, CNN, etc) and the YES network (I'm a Mets fan) but does have everything else I want. If YouTubeTV becomes s problem for anyone I suggest doing a 7 day trial of Fubo.
  16. So glad I didn't make the drive to watch this. Yale is a little over an hour from me.
  17. I changed my mind. This team is really bad. lol I really hope they can turn this around and be competitive during conf play.
  18. So are the players we have really this bad at shooting the ball or are they pressing/in a funk? You would think kids at this level would be able to hit at least a few more open threes.
  19. Yeah, I put that in my second post a minute ago. lol. Turnovers suck.
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